Steps I’ve Taken Towards Hormonal Balance

Hello, hormones! Nice to meet you! This month, we’re talking about hormonal health.

Hormones often get overlooked, yet they are at the heart of our lives and wellness. They are fundamental to how we feel each day and how our bodies function. And we need to normalize talking about hormones and learn about our hormonal health before we find ourselves out of balance. 

In this insightful episode, Robin brings the conversation about hormones into light. She talks about getting to the root cause of our physical problems and dives into the key things she focused on over the last year, while overcoming hormonal imbalance. She shares actionable steps you can take to care for yourself and support healthy hormones. Stay tuned to learn what you can do to support hormonal health and maintain hormone balance! 

steps towards hormonal balance

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • Hormones are the basis for just about every function in the body and affect almost every bodily process. 
  • We don’t always go to the root cause of the issue when looking to solve physical problems like acne, thinning hair, weight gain, or energy loss. We often go for a quick fix.
  • Robin talks about the physical symptoms she was experiencing and what finally led her to search for the root cause and make a change.
  • Robin’s healing process was gradual, but very effective. She shares a list of the key things she has focused on over the past year.
  • We all need opportunities to reset. Robin had to become aware of when she was becoming overstimulated and learn to relax her body and calm her mind.
  • Pilates has been helpful for Robin over the last year. It kept her moving without any added stress.
  • We need to embrace where we are now, listen to our bodies, and allow time to heal when necessary. 

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14 thoughts on “Steps I’ve Taken Towards Hormonal Balance”

  1. This is so so good! Thank you for sharing this wisdom with all of us. ❤️ Hormone health is a critical topic, for all of us, really. People often wrongly assume that it’s only for us ladies who are later in years, but making the right choices in younger years can set us up for a much smoother transition later. Plus, we can often avoid those miserable issues like PCOS, etc.

    One of the most important key points here I love is getting to the ROOT of an issue. To me, that’s important whether it’s mental or physical. Far too often the medical community throws pills at a symptom without ever diving deep into how to solve the problem itself. Or, like you said, we reach for a ‘quick fix’ that doesn’t actually fix anything.

    Thank you again for all of this information. I am working on calming my emotions/hormones, instead of always being on “high alert” with cortisol bumps. Go go go is a dangerous trap so many of us fall into. We forget that these unhealthy habits affect so much more than we realize.

    Sending love & blessings to you and yours. ❤️

    1. Absolutely Holly – thank you so much for listening and for sharing this! I can relate to much of your journey and wish you nothing but the best as you continue to restore your health to a place of balance. xo, Robin

  2. Brenda Shecter

    I just want to take a moment to tell you what an inspiration you are. Your transparency, genuineness, grace and compassionate leadership are such wonderful qualities that you share with all of us. I feel really blessed to have you in my life!!! Thank you and continue taking care of you!!
    Much love,

    1. How kind and thoughtful of you to share that, Brenda, it means so much to Robin and everyone on The Balanced Life Team. We’re so grateful for you and that you’re a part of The Sisterhood!💕

  3. Hi Robin,

    Thank you so much for sharing your personal health journey and challenges. It is often difficult to accept that we can’t do everything, especially in today’s society, but our bodies will ultimately let us know either by symptoms or disease process. I have enjoyed your workouts, being part of the Sisterhood, and listening to your podcasts. In the last year, I embraced a Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) lifestyle and I feel that it has made a difference in my own physical and mental well-being. Sending positive healing thoughts your way.

    1. Thank you for your kind encouragement and for sharing a bit of your personal health journey, Nora. We agree it’s difficult to accept we can’t do everything and to find balance in our lives. We love to hear that you’ve found what works well for you and the difference you’re seeing in your well-being. We’re here for you and cheering you on! 👏 💪

  4. AnneMarie Margies

    thanks for this episode, what kind of doctor did you have your hormones tested? I find it so hard to find a doctor who wants to find cause vs. medicate

    1. Robin went to a functional medicine doctor to have her hormones tested. We understand how challenging it can be to find the right medical professional to really listen and get to the source of the symptoms you may be experiencing. We encourage you to research your options and check reviews to find the best option for you. We hope you find just the right care and treatment you deserve!

  5. Linda Rodriguez

    Thank you so much Robin! Your transparency and sharing opened my eyes to my own health issues. I am gratefully a two time cancer survivor, thank God! You have no idea what an incredible help you are.

    1. We’re sorry to hear of the medical challenges that you have been through, Linda, but so very glad to know that you’re a two time cancer survivor! We’re cheering you on in your continued health journey!

  6. Hi Robin.
    I’ve been a sisterhood member for over a year and love it. Question. What hormones exactly did you have tested?
    Feel like I am having the same teou les as you. Thanks!!

    1. We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing symptoms too, Melissa. Robin went through a full blood panel, testing everything from vitamin levels to thyroid functioning. She tested her hormone levels with the Dutch saliva test, which measure multiple hormones at different times during the day, as hormones fluctuate throughout the day. You can learn more about her experience and testing in the podcast episode #52 “A surprising diagnosis: my current health + healing journey” ( We hope you’re able to resolve the symptoms that you’re experiencing soon. We’re cheering you on!

    1. Thank you so much for this great question. We’re so glad that you are looking into ways to care for yourself and that this episode resonated for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individualized recommendations regarding supplements. We know that every body is different and every situation is unique, so we would recommend speaking with your medical professional to determine what works best for you. 💗 We can definitely recommend these other resources:

      The Hidden Hormone Epidemic: A conversation with Dr. Aviva Romm [Part 1]
      What every woman should know about hormones with Dr. Aviva Romm [Part 2]
      Dr. Aviva Romm’s book Hormone Intelligence

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