How to Unlock Your Inner Child Through Play

July is here and that means it is time to have some fun. Every July we break out of our routines, let go, and focus on play. This year we have a special guest to join us and guide us as we play. 

Kara Latta is the Chief Fun Officer at The Playful Warrior and today we chat about the positive impact that play has on our mental and physical health. We’ll learn about the neuroscience behind incorporating play into our daily routine and you’ll discover how you can incorporate fun into your life each day. 

Make sure to stick around until the end of the episode to hear how you can join all of us at Lindywell for a play-filled workshop.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • What Kara does at The Playful Warrior [1:22]
  • What inspired Kara to create The Playful Warrior [6:04]
  • What your inner child really is [10:30]
  • Roadblocks to play [13:00]
  • How she got back into play [16:39]
  • What playful resilience is [17:58]
  • Play rewires your brain [24:44]
  • How to navigate play through the hard seasons of life [30:48]
  • What play looks like in Kara’s daily life [32:17]
  • How community is an important part of play [35:51]
  • What to expect in the live workshop on Sunday, July 16 [38:50]

How Kara became a Playful Warrior

In 2019 Kara experienced a dark night of the soul. She suffered from health issues, lost her job, and ended a long-term relationship. Therapy helped her work through codependency issues and abandonment wounds. However, it was only when she began to incorporate the power of play into her life that she began to fully heal. 

Today Kara helps people connect with their inner child through the power of play. In her healing journey, she realized that she could overcome perfectionism and self-doubt and to become the playful creative self that she didn’t even realize she could be. 

This healing journey led her to become a play and mindset coach. At The Playful Warrior Kara offers a safe space for others to express themselves without judgment through play. Kara connects adults to their innate creativity and offers fun and joy in the true spirit of play.

What play can mean for your life

When Kara’s therapist first brought up the subject of play therapy she wondered what that would mean for an adult. How does an adult play? 

She felt so disconnected from her childhood self that she had to research what it could mean to play. The more she researched, the more she learned about the science of play. Kara discovered that play is actually important for brain health and mental well-being. 

While play still isn’t valued in society, it helps people reconnect with their curiosity, bring spontaneity, and navigate challenging situations. Neuroscience has shown that play can even improve physical health and brain function. 

As a natural perfectionist, she thought about the outcomes of play, but the more she got into the true nature of play she realized that playing is not about the outcomes or proving her worth, it is about enjoying the present moment. This freedom of expression changed her relationships and her life.

Are you ready to play?

Join us for a live workshop with Kara Latta, The Playful Warrior, via Zoom on Sunday, July 16. Kara will lead us through interactive playful exercises offered in a safe space. Come have fun simply for the sake of having fun.

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