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Pilates for scoliosis

Pilates for Scoliosis: How to Find Relief with Movement

Have you ever considered Pilates for scoliosis relief? I discovered how supportive this type of movement can be more than a decade ago when I took my first Pilates class, well before I ever became a teacher or created Lindywell!  I was diagnosed with scoliosis in high school. We discovered that I have an S-curve

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mindful vs. mindfull

Mindful vs. MindFULL: How to Shift Out of Anxiety and into Calm

The difference in the spelling of mindful vs. mindFULL is minor, but the difference in how each of these things can impact your life is significant.  You’re probably familiar with the feeling of being mindfull. It starts from the moment you hear the alarm each morning, as the thoughts come rushing in:  What time is

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the healing power of the breath

The Healing Power of the Breath

It feels like everyone is talking about the healing power of the breath these days. I know, it sounds like just one more trend to add to the egregiously growing list of to-do’s from the latest HIIT workout to the newest diet trend, and here is one more thing you need to do to be

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nervous system dysregulation

How to Reset Nervous System Dysregulation With Pilates and Breath

There’s a lot of discussion around nervous system dysregulation in the wellness world these days—and for good reason. The nervous system impacts every area of your life, and when out of alignment (dysregulated), it can cause a ripple effect of issues and challenges, physical, mental, and emotional. If you’ve felt overwhelmed, irritable, or extremely fatigued,

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Your Breathwork Questions Answered!

Hi Lindywell community! Kiesha here. I’m so excited to be joining the team as the Head of Breathwork and Somatic Programs. In addition to providing you high quality, effective and efficient Pilates workouts you can do from home (or on the road), Lindywell is now also a place where you can find guided breathwork sessions

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10 benefits of Pilates

10 Benefits of Pilates for the Mind and Body (Backed by Science!) 

This isn’t your usual 10 benefits-of-Pilates list. You may have heard about the physical benefits of Pilates like getting stronger or looking more toned, but the value of it goes so much deeper than that. In this list, we’re digging into how Pilates impacts your whole self, including sex, sleep, aging and so much more—all

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best Pilates mat

How to Spot the Best Pilates Mat for Your Practice

If you’re searching for the best Pilates mat, you’ve come to the right place. As a Certified Pilates instructor who’s been practicing and teaching Pilates for over a decade, I’ve used a lot of mats. This has helped me identify all the “must-haves” when it comes to finding the best mat for your practice. Before

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radical self-love

How to Fuel Radical Self-Love With Food

To practice radical self-love is to live life in a way that honors your worth, enoughness, and inherent right to happiness, here and now, just as you are. This can be easier said than done in a world that’s bursting at the seams with diets, quick fixes, and perfectly filtered faces. It can feel like

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