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activities for anxiety

10 Mindful Activities for Anxiety that You Can Do at Home

If you’re looking for activities for anxiety because you’re struggling more often than you’d like, you’re not alone. According to the World Health Organization, anxiety is more prevalent than any other mental illness. As women, we’re especially vulnerable to this condition—in 2023 alone, 32 percent of U.S. women reported feeling anxious versus 24 percent of

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what is body positivity

What is Body Positivity? (And What Is It NOT?)

What is body positivity? Well, that’s a great question—and one that many are wondering as the movement has morphed and been co-opted in different ways. To me, body positivity is about showing love and appreciation for your body.  More importantly, it’s about choosing that love for your body over the messages from our modern culture

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Pilates vs. barre

Pilates vs. Barre: Which Workout is Better?

People often ask me about Pilates vs. Barre—which is better and what are the differences. I’ve taught Pilates for more than a decade and got certified as a barre instructor nearly 9 years ago as well, so I love to discuss the differences as well as what to watch for when determining if Pilates or

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slow down and enjoy life

5 Practical Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

We hear it all the time: slow down and enjoy life. As if it’s so normal and easy to do. The truth is, in our go-go-go culture, this can feel completely unnatural—and hard! Yet, we do need to slow down. Especially women, 53 percent of whom (in the U.S.) deal with chronic stress. Even worse,

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boundaries in relationships

Why Setting Boundaries in Relationships is So Hard and How to Do It Anyway

Setting boundaries in relationships isn’t easy—and there are several misconceptions about what setting boundaries actually means. You might hesitate to form boundaries in your career, romantic relationships, or friendships because you assume this will make you come across as unreliable, selfish, or inconsiderate.  You’re afraid to push others away, turn down opportunities, and fall short

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Cleansing from the Inside Out: Top Detoxifying Foods for Renewal

The idea of eating detoxifying foods might feel like a fad. It’s often linked to trendy teas, shakes, powders, herbs, juices, or supplements that claim to remove all the toxins from your bloodstream in a “miraculously” short amount of time.  Although it’s been co-opted as a marketing tactic by the diet industry, as a nutrition

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benefits of gardening

Gardening as Therapy: Cultivating Wellness and Connection to Nature

The health benefits of gardening go far beyond the delicious food, herbs, and flowers you harvest throughout the season. (Though there are few things as rewarding as biting into the food you grew yourself!)  That primal sensation of growing plants, touching the earth, basking in the sunshine, and nurturing seeds rejuvenates both your mental and

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morning anxiety

How to Overcome Morning Anxiety for a Brighter Start

Not everyone is a natural “morning person.” I, however, have always been one of those annoyingly chipper morning people who wake up jumping out of bed. That’s not always the case now. From having kids to life getting hard, no matter how much of a “morning person” I am—it’s not always easy to wake up

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inner peace

5 Ways to Create Inner Peace in Your Daily Life

Inner peace is so much more than just a brief escape from the chaotic events of daily life—though that’s what I thought it was many years ago too. What I learned, though, is that it’s actually this beautiful, continual state of being that you can harness in all environments, circumstances, and interactions.  When I began

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are rest days important

How to Ditch Burnout and Embrace Rest Days in Your Routine

The importance of recovery days cannot be overlooked. In most health-focused conversations, people and experts are often quick to focus on cultivating habits around physical activity, movement, or nutrition. While both of these are important (very important!), there’s something that gets easily overlooked: rest days. I was totally caught off guard when I got my

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5 Ways to Cultivate Mindful Living Through Daily Intentions

Daily intentions and mindful living go hand-in-hand. Mindfulness doesn’t exclusively occur in a meditation class or on a Pilates mat (although these practices can be instrumental in helping you cultivate it). Mindfulness can permeate and enrich all facets of your life no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  But how do you make

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women's aging

5 Truths About Aging for Women (And One Major Lie)

Our society has a lot of loud opinions about women’s aging in today’s world. We’ve all seen facial serum claiming to restore that “youthful radiance” or a social media post about how to avoid looking older. I’ve also had friends share that as they get older, they start to feel invisible, or they feel less

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