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breathwork for trauma

Breathwork for Trauma: How to Connect Back to Your Body

Breathwork for trauma is being talked about more and more—and for good reason: 70 percent of adults across the globe have dealt with at least one traumatic event in their lives. These traumas can be the result of events or experiences that range from violence and abuse to serious accidents or even exposure to death

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Stop being stuck: FREE workshop on September 10

If you’re feeling stuck when it comes to your body, you’re not alone. My new FREE workshop is an opportunity to discover how to cultivate a healthier relationship with your body, food and movement—so you can embrace self-acceptance and prioritize your mental health without sacrificing your health goals.  So many of us are confused by

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listen to your body

5 Practical Strategies to Listen to Your Body Each Day

You may have heard someone say, “just listen to your body” and thought: “How do I even do that?” I get it. Learning how to listen to my body has been a practice of mine for the last decade—and I still have to be mindful about it today. This skill is crucial for maintaining a

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self-love mantras

Why Your Self-Love Mantras Aren’t Working (And How to Fix Them)

Self-love mantras sound good, in theory, right? Reminding yourself how brilliant or wonderful you are to overcome your self-doubt is a great idea—but it’s not taking the whole picture into account. This particular ideology says that if you believe in a certain outcome or think hard enough, the universe (higher power, source, God) will present

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pilates mat exercises

8 Pilates Mat Exercises to Make Your Workout More Fun 

At Lindywell, we focus on Pilates mat exercises because we love how accessible they are. You can do your workout anywhere and sometimes, you don’t even need a mat! (Our standing workouts are a favorite in the community.) Another thing we love is how fun these exercises can be. Forget workouts that are repetitive, long,

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somatic breathwork

Somatic Breathwork and Play: How to Be Mindful With a Smile

Somatic breathwork, despite how it may sound, is not technical or complicated. In fact, if you’ve ever done a breathwork session with me at Lindywell, you’ve already done it!  At Lindywell, we consider somatic breathwork a conscious form of breathing that is intended to help you experience being in your body. It teaches you to

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daily habit

5 Reasons to Make Play a Daily Habit as an Adult 

Here at Lindywell, we’ve been focusing on turning play into a daily habit, both on and off the Pilates mat. What I’ve found is that taking time for play is about so much more than just having fun—it’s an essential component of my mental and physical health. As adults, however, it can be difficult to

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how to calm your nervous system

Play Away the Stress: How to Calm Your Nervous System with Fun

If you search “how to calm your nervous system” in Google you’ll find hundreds of options—and I’m very intentional about how I do this too. It’s something we talk about all the time at Lindywell. A favorite of mine, though, is play. It’s one of the most overlooked ways to stay well. It’s easy to

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Kara Latta. Play Workshop

How to Unlock Your Inner Child Through Play

July is here and that means it is time to have some fun. Every July we break out of our routines, let go, and focus on play. This year we have a special guest to join us and guide us as we play.  Kara Latta is the Chief Fun Officer at The Playful Warrior and

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