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Lindywell 2022 Gift Guide

The Lindywell Gift Guide is finally here! We’re so excited to share this with you all and hope that it’s helpful with your shopping this season. Check out our top 10 gift ideas that empower self-care so you and your loved ones feel healthy and happy. And let us know in the comments what you’re

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The story behind The Lindywell Pilates Powerhouse Mat

I’m so excited to announce that our official Lindywell Pilates Powerhouse Mat is here! After more than a decade of teaching Pilates and struggling to find a mat that checked all the boxes I was looking for, and hearing from YOU about your struggle too, I took matters into my own hands and set out

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A photo of Robin Long journaling

How 30 days of gratitude can change your life

Many people choose the month of November to reflect on all that they are thankful for, but practicing gratitude doesn’t have to be limited to one month per year.  In this episode, you’ll hear how evidence shows that a regular gratitude practice has an impact on your brain, health, and well-being. And make sure to

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Micah, avocados, registered dietician

The connection between our moods and food

Have you ever felt hangry? Do you notice when your moods fluctuate throughout the day? Food might have something to do with it. There is often a connection between food and our moods and this episode of The Balanced Life podcast will help you improve that connection. Registered dietitian (RD), Micah Siva, joins me today

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Robin Long with Pilates mat

The power of routines

Whether we acknowledge it or not, routines hold power over many aspects of our life. If you are not a fan of routines you may feel tempted to skip this episode, but I encourage you to listen. If you enjoy creating and optimizing your routines, then you’re probably already listening. This episode is designed to

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Robin forearm plank

3 tips to relieve & prevent wrist pain

Strengthening your wrists stabilizes your arms and shoulders which not only helps you to sustain postures longer during your workout, it also helps you in your day-to-day life, such as reducing injury associated with repetitive movements like typing and playing sports. At Lindywell, we’re dedicated to helping you feel your best with ways to target

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Kiesha Yokers breathwork expert

Using breathwork as a path to wellness

Using your breath can be a powerful wellness tool whose benefits have been backed by scientific research. This free, easily accessible tool can be used by anyone at any time to help regulate emotion and bring a sense of well-being to your life. Breath is at the core of Pilates and can be used for

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Robin long breathing exercise

How to use breath as a tool for growth and change

Do you understand the importance and power of your breath? In Pilates, we focus on breathing intentionally, but do you know how important proper breathing is in your everyday life?  You may be surprised to discover that something as simple as breathing can be used as a tool to impact both your physical and mental

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Robin side stretch

3 tips for neck & shoulder tension

Where do you hold stress in your body? For many of us, we hold it in our shoulders, head, neck, and jaw. Try these tips to help you relieve tension: #1. Be mindful of your posture Make sure you are strengthening your postural muscles regularly, bringing your head back over your shoulders, shoulders over your

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Robin Long journaling

How to simplify your routines and stress less

If you’re like most people, having stress in your life is inevitable. If you’re dealing with stress right now, know that you’re not alone, and with everything that we have been through as a society these past couple years, how can we be surprised if we are experiencing stress?  As a listener of The Balanced

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