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Looking for high-quality home Pilates equipment? Our products use sustainable materials designed to support your body and leave a minimal ecological footprint—all while helping you nail your at-home Pilates exercises. 
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Elevate Your Home Pilates Practice with Lindywell Essentials

From merchandise to practical tools for your home Pilates setup, including hand weights, Pilates mats, and resistance bands, our online shop has everything you need. Finding the right Pilates equipment for home can be difficult, especially if you’re new to developing a Pilates practice. Thankfully, you don’t need fancy reformer machines, just our expert knowledge to guide you.

Our products, ranging from essential tools to special items like Pilates gift memberships, are designed to complement your fitness journey and help you follow along with the different exercises that our online Pilates instructors demonstrate. Your home workout doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective! With time and effort, you can achieve your wellness goals and integrate Pilates workouts into your daily or weekly rhythm. 

Whether you want to increase your core strength, recover from body shame, or simply have a workout routine that leads to a balanced body and mind, our team at Lindywell is here to help you achieve your goals. Treat yourself to something special from our online shop, and be ready to follow along during your next Lindywell Pilates class!

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