Build strength
right at-home

With quick & effective Pilates workouts. No equipment needed!

Whether you want to

Gain muscle

so you feel strong and confident as you age

Reduce aches & pains

so that you no longer feel held back by your body

Boost your confidence

in your body without spending hours in the gym

You’re in the right place

feel more confident in your body

No matter what your age, you can build strength, reduce pain, and improve mobility.

Message from our founder

True wellness is about so much more than the size of our jeans

or the number on a scale.

From a young age, I struggled to fit into an idealized, (often unattainable) body type and found that the fitness industry often made me feel worse about myself, not better.

I created Lindywell after teaching Pilates to women of all ages and stages and realizing that true wellness is about so much more.

At Lindywell, we focus on strength and true mind-body wellness.
We Embrace

over guilt. 

over perfection. 

over restriction.  

It’s never too late to build consistency, strength, confidence and happiness.

As a Lindywell member, you’ll no longer feel held back by your body but instead, feel confident to go out and live the life you want to live.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Founder & Lead
Pilates Instructor

Consistency made easy

All levels welcome. No equipment needed.

Your time.
Your schedule.
Just press play.

Get access to 350+ Pilates workouts for all levels that you can do from anywhere. Feel stronger today with more energy, more mobility and more consistency!
No obligation, cancel anytime.
No fancy equipment or previous experience needed

The Lindywell app & membership makes it easy

Helping you stay consistent with easy access to home workouts.
Transforming your body and mind, all in one app

Benefits Beyond the Mat

More Energy

Goodbye burnout, hello energy! You'll end workouts feeling energized and refreshed. You'll breathe more deeply and move more freely.

Less Stress

You'll not only build strength but also reduce stress with calming beachside workouts, tension-relieving stretches, and calming guided breathwork sessions.

Community & Support

You're not alone! Get guidance from our expert instructors, support from like-minded members and your questions answered by our Lindywell Care Team.

How Lindywell members feel with

Efficient & effective

Pilates workouts at home

Pain free
Less Stressed
Developed with science-backed research

Easy-to-use App

Real women, real results.

Realistic workouts. Lasting results.

Join 100,000+ women who have joined Lindywell to reach their goals



Billed quarterly.

Cancel anytime!
Best Value



Billed yearly.

Cancel within 30 days
for a full refund



Billed monthly.

Cancel anytime!
goodbye guilt, hello freedom!

Transform your body & your mind

You won’t just change your body, you’ll change the way you think.
At Lindywell, you'll ditch the scale, break up with restriction, and pursue true wellness while honoring your body in the process.

Lindywell by the numbers


do not use

You can easily cancel your membership anytime, right within your account – no emails or jumping through hoops necessary. 

Cancel before the end of your free, 14-day trial period to avoid any charges. You will continue to have access to all of the great benefits of Lindywell until the end of your trial and your credit card will not be processed.

After your trial, as a monthly or quarterly member, you can cancel anytime.

As an annual member, you may also cancel at any time. If you cancel within the first 30 days from purchase, you qualify for a full refund. To receive a refund, simply email [email protected] with your request.

After your first 30 days as an annual member, you can still cancel at any time to avoid automatic renewal and still have access to your membership until it expires.

No. Your credit card information is requested so that when you choose to continue your membership after the trial is complete, you have a card on file and no further action is needed. Your first payment will go through after the 14-day free trial period is complete.

It’s easy to view your Lindywell workouts on your TV!

You can cast directly from your laptop using an HDMI cable or Apple Airplay to your smart TV.

To cast from your phone or tablet, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Download the Lindywell app to your mobile device or tablet. If using a computer or laptop, go to on your preferred browser. 
  2. The app makes it easy to cast to your TV using one of the following options:
    1. Google Chromecast
    2. Roku with 4K
    3. Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K
    4. HDMI cable
    5. Airplay-enabled Smart TV (if your TV has Airplay compatibility, you can simply cast from Apple device to TV)

If you don’t have any of the above devices yet, we recommend a Google Chromecast or Roku with 4K, as both are budget-friendly and very easy to use with your app.

Yes! All levels are welcome and no experience is needed to get started with Lindywell workouts. 

Our instructors are experts in teaching to all levels and provide modifications within each workout to meet you where you’re at. 

You can ease in with our popular, Pilates for Beginners series and continue to support your learning with our “Modifications and Tutorials” category within the app. 

When you open your app look for the “New to Pilates” filter and you’ll have a clear path for getting started.

In addition, our encouraging community and the Lindywell Care Team is always here to help so you can get your questions answered and have the guidance you need!

Lindywell workouts range from 5 -45 minutes, with 15-20 minute workouts being most popular. 

The app makes it easy to select a workout based on your preferred time length so you can stay consistent no matter how busy you are. (Our members swear by the power of a 15-minute Lindywell workout!)

You can pick and choose your own workouts or follow the monthly calendar where we curate a well-rounded monthly program and schedule 10-15 minute workouts on M,W,F and 25-30 minute workouts on T, TH. The choice is yours!

The breathwork sessions range from 4-15 minutes so you can open your app and reduce stress in just a few minutes per day. 

With over 350+ on-demand workouts available and an entire breathwork library right at your fingertips, you’re sure to find the perfect session for your time and preferences.

Saving You Time & Money

You are your best investment

One in-person Pilates class ranges from $40-$100 and takes at least an hour of your day.
For less than $0.50 per day you you'll get unlimited access to Lindywell Pilates workouts for an entire year (saving both time AND money!)
meet your instructor team

Expert guidance, always at your fingertips!

Decades of experience in Pilates, physical therapy, pain management, somatic exercises, stress management, and nutrition are just a tap away.
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