Quiet your inner critic
and love yourself.

Pilates + Breathwork will surprise you in its
lifelong health and wellness benefits.

In just 14 days you can reduce stress,
regulate your nervous system, build strength,
and tone your body.

You can create a sustainable workout routine
that you enjoy in just 15-25 minutes a day.

Are you ready to…

Get your body operating in its most optimal state

Feel centered and grounded

Lower stress levels and therefore lower cortisol levels

See visible results in your body

Find more confidence to live a full life

Get your body
operating in its most
optimal state.

Here’s what you can expect once you join the
14 Day Total Mind-Body Reset Challenge

10 days of quick and effective Pilates workouts. One of the only exercises that builds core strength, restores posture & mobility, and renews your energy in as little as 15 minutes a day.

6 custom breathwork sessions to release toxins in the body, improve sleep, reset your nervous system, and release fear, grief and anger. Led by Kiesha Yokers, 2x Certified Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator.

3 optional habit-forming Sunday Setup Interactive Workshops on Zoom with Robin Long to get you prepped for the week.

This will be a realistic and practical 14-Day Mind-Body
Reset for all fitness levels and moods. You will get
access to the workouts and breathwork sessions
available in our Lindywell app or on your desktop.

You don’t have to be on your journey alone.
Our team of experts will guide you through the
challenge every step of the way.

Start your journey with Lindywell

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You'll have a full library of Pilates
workouts and nourishing recipes
specially created by our
Lindywell Registered Dietitian.

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