The Guilt-Free Approach to Online Pilates Classes

14 Day Mind-Body Reset
Pilates + Breathwork

At Lindywell, we’re redefining the path to true wellness by choosing
Grace Over Guilt

“My daily workout takes less time
than it takes to drive to the gym and I get
even better results— I didn’t believe it until
I lived it myself!” -Diane B.

Our research-backed approach to
online Pilates classes and nourishing recipes
help you build consistency with your
Pilates practice --whether you are
a beginner or a seasoned pro.

build consistency

Want to build a healthier relationship with movement,
your body, and your mind?
Lindywell provides a realistic,
guilt-free approach
to Pilates workouts
so you can feel good for a lifetime
No matter your current fitness level,
you can experience the benefits of Pilates exercises
without having to leave your home!

Our 3 Key Pillars


The only exercise that builds core strength, restores posture & mobility, promotes flexibility, and renews your energy in as little as 15 minutes a day.


Recipes developed by our registered dietitians to reduce inflammation and revitalize your energy.


The practice of integrating goals, grace over guilt, and growth into our daily lives so that you can feel happier and more fulfilled.

I wanted something different, I’ve tried just
about everything out there, Lindywell was
exactly what I needed, I just had no idea I
needed it until I found it! – Jodi B.

Join us and get access to 250+
online Pilates classes
(for all difficulty levels)
taught by Robin Long (our Founder & CEO) and certified
Pilates instructors.
In addition, you’ll get access to delicious recipes that focus on
(not restriction), that
have been intentionally developed
by our Registered Dietitians.

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated.
Like so many women, Robin Long’s journey and body image was overwhelming…
until she discovered a new
pathway forward with Pilates.

She wondered why so many
women have done everything
they can to “fix their bodies,”
yet they still feel so bad
about themselves.
As a Pilates teacher, Robin’s mission is to help
people integrate their physical and mental health
by offering the best online Pilates classes available.

Helping You Break Free!

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