Stress Less With Online Breathwork Sessions

Kiesha Yokers
Head of Breathwork
& Somatic Programs

We don’t often think about our breath
unless something is wrong, but breathing
is the first and last action of our lives.
Regardless of the season we find ourselves
in, all of us can benefit from breathwork training.

Breathwork is the stress reliever you haven’t tried yet.

As Head of Breathwork and Somatic Programs at Lindywell, I use our online breathwork sessions to guide you through a variety of techniques. Each time, my goal is to help you focus on conscious breathing to balance your mind and body, relieve anxiety, enhance mental clarity, and empower you to live your best life.

Like Pilates, breathwork is a powerful practice that gets more familiar the more you do it.

Let's check in with your breath

Listen closely to the sound of your breathing.

  • Are you breathing through your nose or mouth?
  • Are you breathing into your chest, your belly, or both?

Your current breathing pattern could contribute to your overall wellness and your emotional state at this very moment.

Giving attention to your breath can help:

  • Reduce the anxiety you feel
  • Release toxins and trauma from the body
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Up your self-care practice with lasting benefits

Your mind and body will thank you for utilizing your internal healing power.

Your first free breathwork class
is waiting for you.

Free Breathwork Session
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Relieves depression and anxiety symptoms

Slows stress in the body

Supports the healing of stored trauma

Turns on the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest)

Creates a sense of mental peace and clarity


Releases toxins in the body

Improves sleep and feelings of deep relaxation

Boosts immunity

Reduces pain and inflammation

Delivers more oxygen to the body

Lowers blood pressure


Expands self-awareness and connectedness

Increases self-love and inner peace

Releases fear, grief, and anger

Moves blocked energy

Boosts feelings of joy and happiness

Try Breathwork with Lindywell

Exhale hour

A guided breathing exercise
In this 60-minute live guided journey, you’ll let go of stress and anxiety in the comfort of your own home. You’ll learn how to unlock the healing power of your breath and connect to your body to get the mental clarity you deserve. Accessible monthly live sessions held on Zoom (limited number of sliding scale sessions available). Exhale Hour sessions fill up fast!

Breathe Daily

Your online app for daily practice
Total mind and body practice with our growing library of daily breathwork sessions led by Kiesha ranging from 3-20 minutes.

Your best resource for calm, mental clarity, sleep, stress, energy, and performance in our evidence-based and accessible app.

Plus, 250+ online Pilates classes (for all levels) and nourishing recipes by our Registered Dietician.

Your first free breathwork
is waiting for you.

Free Breathwork Session
Drop in your email to grab a free breathwork session and get on the list for regular wellness tips and updates delivered straight to your inbox.


Breathwork Sessions

It’s time to trust yourself and even meet your body in a whole new way.  You are the owner of your health, an intuitive human who can and will experience joyful healing.

Breathwork is meditative practice that uses a 3-part breathing pattern to clear the mind, strengthen the connection between the mind and body, release tension, and loosen the grip of anxiety and trauma in the body by tapping into the body’s rest and digest (parasympathetic) mode of the nervous system.

This guided breathwork session is for those who are looking for a safe space to develop their practice in the community. We recommend that participants be at least 18 years old to participate in an Exhale Hour. The particular guided breathwork practice in Exhale Hour is not recommended for children. The breathing pattern and length are both too long and too activating for a child’s nervous system. Breathwork is wonderful for children but this hour long guided session would not be suitable.

You can practice breathwork techniques every day if you like: it is a totally safe practice.  Breathing practices can help your body get back into a rest-and-digest state, which often leads to a feeling of calmness.

We always recommend contacting your medical professional if you have any concerns around trying a new routine.  Please take note that if you have any of the following, we recommend only participating in breathwork under the guidance or approval of your doctor.

An active addiction
Any person with mental illness who isn’t in treatment or lacks adequate support
Anyone experiencing an emotional or spiritual crisis
Bipolar depression
Cardiovascular problems
Epilepsy or history of seizures
Glaucoma or high or abnormal blood pressure
History of aneurysms
On a heavy medication regimen
Recent surgery
Retinal detachment
Severe psychiatric symptoms, particularly psychosis or paranoia
Strokes and neurological conditions

Exhale Hour is a 60-minute guided breathwork experience that takes place live on Zoom with the community. Exhale Hour is designed to provide a relaxing pause in your day a pause to support your health, wellbeing, and nervous system so that you can go through your days feeling clear, calm, and centered. All levels are welcome! Kiesha will guide you every step of the way.

The daily practices available in the Lindywell app are your best resource for 3-20 minute on-demand sessions for calm, mental clarity,  sleep, stress-reduction, energy, and performance.

Use both together for the best results, or pick which one is best for you in this season. 

Once you book your session(s) you will receive an email confirmation. Prior to the live session, you will be emailed access to your Zoom link along with how to prepare for your session. 

Here’s what you can expect from Exhale Hour:

  • A LIVE, guided session via Zoom (with the option to turn off your camera)
  • Expert guidance on how to use intentional breathing techniques to promote physical and emotional well-being
  • Dedicated time for rest and reflection at the end of the session to help you process your experience and carry the benefits with you throughout the day

You can simply show up to your Exhale Hour and experience amazing results.  If you like to be extra prepared, you may want to consider gathering a journal and pen to jot down any thoughts or emotions that come up. Please plan to attend the session from a comfortable place, such as a bed, mat or cozy chair with a pillow.

You may also want to consider: 

  • Not eating two hours prior to starting if possible
  • Wearing comfortable clothes
  • Finding a quiet spot where you won’t be easily interrupted
  • Having a glass a water nearby for hydration 

While attending Exhale Hours LIVE provides additional community support and enhances your experience, you will be sent a replay and download link for your session that is valid for 5 days. 

We are passionate about making wellness tools equitable and accessible to all. 

Exhale Hour sessions are $35.  Lindywell members receive a $10 discount and annual members also receive 2 free sessions. We also offer financial assistance for each session.  These spots are available on a first come first serve basis. No proof necessary. Please note: Financial assistance options are limited to the use of one per quarter in order to offer access to more people. Sign up for Exhale Hour here

Daily breathwork is available on-demand for members of the Lindywell app. You can view the affordable membership options here.

Yes! We’re excited to continually offer opportunities to breathe with us. Dates will be added regularly for upcoming months so you can build a consistent practice. 

We can’t wait for you to experience all of the benefits of breathwork! 

We are sorry that you’re unable to make it to the live session, but the great news is that when you register for Exhale Hour, a replay of the event will be automatically emailed to you. It will be available for you to enjoy at your convenience, anytime over the following 5 days. We recommend downloading the replay to your computer directly, so that you are sure to have it available whenever you need it most!

If you prefer to change the date of the Exhale Hour session you registered for, please reach out to [email protected] with the date you prefer, 48 hours prior to the start of the event and we will be happy to assist you!

As replays of Exhale Hour are provided to all registrants, refunds are not available.

About Kiesha, Your Breathwork Instructor


Hello! Before I got into embodiment work, I was an anxious people-pleasing child who grew into a woman with debilitating anxiety. I’ve spent a lifetime as a high-functioning anxious person constantly praised for my ability to take on so much and “get it done” to perfection. After years of therapy, I finally realized in 2020 that it was time to do some deep trauma work under the care of an incredible therapist and adding complementary somatic tools to allow my brain and body to truly heal.

Today, I am a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator and a somatic coach  passionate about helping equip people with somatic tools to address trauma in the body. Healing isn’t a linear process, but it is possible, and I am proof of that.

I am also a certified holistic health coach, and I use my 15+ years as an elementary school teacher to teach adults and kids how to learn self-regulation strategies and connection with the body.

I’ve worked with non-profits, been featured by many major brands, and had a true “what-in-the-world moment” of having my work featured by former First Lady Michelle Obama. I am passionate about reaching underrepresented populations to ensure these healing strategies are easily accessible to everyone.

My belief is that wellness is for everybody. My commitment is to help reintroduce women to their bodies when they feel they no longer recognize them.

I am thrilled to be creating a new discipline of breathwork and somatic experiences at Lindywell. Our mission is to equip woman to feel resilient, vibrant and strong at every age.

Kiesha’s Training:

Somatic Certifications

3 x Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator

Trauma-Informed Meditation Teacher 

ICF Accredited Embodiment Life Coach

Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies Certification

Coursework through the Strozzi Institute 

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate (Embody Lab)

Nutrition & Wellness:

Certified Holistic Health Coach Integrative Nutrition (IIN)


MA in Ed. with a Literacy Specialization

B.A. in Education/Certified K-12 Teacher