Meet Robin Long

Pilates Instructor, Founder,
and CEO of Lindywell

Like so many women, Robin endured her own struggles with body image and putting her self-care on the back burner.

She wondered why she, and so many other women, work so hard to “fix their bodies,” yet they always feel so bad about themselves.

As she started to explore the question further, she realized she couldn’t remember a time where she felt good in her body.

She knew there was something deeper that needed to be explored.

As a beginner at Pilates, and someone who is used to high intensity workouts, I was doubtful about getting results. But Lindywell has changed my outlook, my flexibility, and I’m already seeing a change in my body. Robin’s philosophy has completely shifted my mindset around exercise. - Andrea N.

It took a step inside
the Pilates studio for
Robin to change her
approach to fitness

Pilates helped Robin connect her
mind and body
for the first time.
She started working WITH her
body, not against it.  Robin’s health
and mental transformation
motivated her
to pursue her
certification and ultimately
perfect her own method of
teaching Pilates.
  After years of a
constant 3-month private training
waitlist, she knew she had to find
a new approach to her practice.

She had to create a way to help more people….

“Pilates helps
me to work
with my body,
not against it.”

At a time when online programs didn’t exist, 
Robin was an innovator

Starting as a blog, she brought her unique way of teaching
online, and made it accessible to
anyone who wanted to learn a different approach to whole body wellness

She also made it
inclusive and affordable.

 What started out as Robin teaching private clients over 12
years ago, has now turned into a global wellness platform
that reaches millions of women in more than 100
around the world.

Professional Experience

Robin lives and works in sunny Santa Barbara, CA.
She obtained her comprehensive Pilates
certification through Body Arts and Science
and her barre certification through
Balanced Body.
She is passionate about creating
programs that empower, strengthen, restore and
rejuvenate her clients form the inside out.

So What Makes
Robin’s Approach Different?

Robin’s deep exploration of the mind & body connection has brought insight, along with a research-backed approach to how she has adapted her Pilates philosophy.

She helps you find balance – challenging you to progress and develop, getting you results, all while making movement accessible to everyone, no matter how busy you are.

Along with daily inspiration, she encourages you to allow yourself grace, as you form new habits that will last a lifetime.

I love how it feels like Robin is in the room with
me. The way she cues and walks me through
each movement,
it just feels like she’s on the
journey with me.
– Jeanelle R.

Robin and her husband Matt can
be found rounding up their four kids
(ages 9, 7 and 3-year-old twins)
to head out for a hike or a day at the
beach. They live and work in their favorite
place in the world, Santa Barbara, CA

As Robin describes it:

We have 4 kids under the age of 9,
so we have a lot going on.  We talk
with our kids about healthy choices
and are conscious about the words
we use. It’s something I’m very
intentional about while I’m teaching

workouts because I know many members
have little ears around while doing
Pilates with me!

Sometimes my kids will come up and jiggle
my legs and instead of getting upset, I laugh
and say, ‘aren’t our bodies amazing?’

I’m not perfect, but I do my best every day to
make sure my kids hear a message of loving
gratitude for our bodies.

Running a global business and being present
with my family takes planning, patience, and
healthy routines
where I can fit them in.

I had to go through my own process of letting
go of the all-or-nothing mentality
that kept
me in a cycle of frustration and feeling
terrible about myself.

But that’s exactly what drove me to create
Lindywell in the first place.

And why I am always taking a Grace Over Guilt
approach that embraces positivity,
authenticity and realism.  My goal is for every
woman to see themselves for what they
truly are – strong to the core.