5 Truths About Aging for Women (And One Major Lie)

women's aging

Our society has a lot of loud opinions about women’s aging in today’s world. We’ve all seen facial serum claiming to restore that “youthful radiance” or a social media post about how to avoid looking older. I’ve also had friends share that as they get older, they start to feel invisible, or they feel less relevant and as a result, less valuable. 

I’ve found that this is a common feeling among many older women I know, and honestly, I hate it! We deserve better and this should not be our experience as we age and continue to grow in wisdom and experience. Healthy aging is something that should be celebrated, not feared or hidden away.

Despite what we see and hear in the media—reconstructed faces and in-your-face ads for staying young—I’ve watched the women around me age beautifully and gracefully. They’re navigating menopause, adjusting to physical changes, and embracing the natural progression of biological age with poise.

I’ve been in awe of how their wisdom becomes a guiding force in their life and the lives of those around them. As a woman myself, it’s become so important to not only embrace this alternative message of aging but share it with our members of Lindywell and our communities.

The truth is, we are all aging every single day. And as women, we have the power to reject age-related stereotypes….or fall victim to them. We can embrace the next chapter on our terms, engaging in regular exercise and physical activity, embracing nature aging as a part of older adulthood, and redefine the journey as a natural and beautiful process—one that is full of vibrancy instead of fear.

It’s time to debunk the sociocultural messages around women’s aging and explore the truth of how to age intentionally.   

What’s Happening When Women Age

Human lifespans are increasing all over the world. Current projections show that the number of older adults (over 65 years of age) will surpass 1.5 billion by 2050. Plus, the average 65-year-old person could expect to live another 19 years. But what exactly occurs within the body during aging, as we notice changes in our physical appearance that come naturally with the shift in our chronological age? 

An exciting field of research shows we can age with a joyful outlook, an active body, a sharp mind, vibrant social connections, and a meaningful quality of life. This is what I’m talking about!

The Regenerative Medicine Journal suggests that conscious habits, like physical movement and nutritious eating, could prevent 80 percent of deaths from diseases that develop over time from things like lifestyle choices and environmental influences. That’s too big of a percentage to overlook! 

The One Big Lie: Your Value Fades as You Get Older

Age bias is real. The Gerontologist Journal found that respondents from all age brackets tend to favor young adults and show bias (even if it’s unconscious) against older adults. These biases are rooted in assumptions. Assumptions like cognitive decline, social isolation, poor health behaviors, weak physical function, and other common age-related stereotypes. 

Media outlets also reinforce ageist tropes about women. It’s hard to count the number of times we’ve seen commercials for a miracle product to erase wrinkles or a TV show with the main female character stressing over her latest gray hair. 

Not to mention, for women facing additional identity challenges in relation to race or sexuality, dealing with these age biases can be even more exhausting. 

In each scenario, the throughline is clear: A woman’s value diminishes with age. 

Well, that’s the belief mainstream cultural norms want us to buy into—but science has a different take on the aging process (and you know we’re fans of science here at Lindywell!). So, let’s challenge this lie with some concrete facts.    

5 Scientific Truths to Embrace Conscious Aging

Conscious aging is an approach to growing older that emphasizes self-awareness, personal growth, and intentional living. It reminds me of joyful aging—something we wholeheartedly embrace at Lindywell! 

Conscious aging involves cultivating a positive attitude toward aging and viewing the later stages of life as an opportunity for continued development and fulfillment. Aging is a natural part of the human experience and growing older with this mindset allows us to embrace that experience with grace and wisdom.

At Lindywell, we’re passionate about freeing women from the limiting beliefs that hold us back, so we can flourish in any stage of life. Here are five truths to help you embrace aging with an empowered mindset and a new definition of what it means to get older. 

1. You Can Remain Active, Strong, and Mobile

It’s a common misconception that physical movement decreases with age, but this does not have to be the case. The Aging Clinical and Experimental Research Journal indicates that 150 minutes (or 2.5 hours) of moderate exercise per week can lower your risk of chronic illness, increase functional mobility, and boost health status and life satisfaction. 

Even gentle, low-impact activities—like Pilates, for instance—will strengthen your muscles and joints. It will also improve stability and balance, and promote a flexible range of motion so you can maintain an active, independent routine for as long as possible. 

We have older many Lindywell members who swear by our Pilates workouts. Here’s what some of them have said:

Denise: “Before joining I was diagnosed with bursitis in my hip. After 2 rounds of physical therapy, I realized that many of the same exercises at physical therapy were also part of the Lindywell routines. My hip has improved greatly and at age 64, I feel great.” 

Diana: “I’ve been with LIndywell since 2017. I attribute much of my ability to stay mobile and active at 71 to Lindywell’s workouts. I appreciate that at Lindywell there are well-rounded workouts for all abilities and levels. Your age, strength, or ability should never stop you from joining and getting started with Lindywell. There is something for everyone!” 

Angela: “I am recovering from having hip replacement surgery at the age of 51, just seven weeks ago. The adaptability of exercises to what I’m comfortable and able to do has helped greatly in my recovery. I’m feeling stronger every day and I’m loving my body again.” 

MJ: “I’ve been a member for almost 3 years, and at age 62, Lindywell is literally the BEST thing I’ve ever done for my health and wellbeing. I just wish I’d started sooner!” 

Lisa: “I have seen changes in my body I never thought possible at age 63. I was an avid walker, hiker, weight training, and yoga kind of person. Pilates looked way too hard for me. Then I found Robin. I thought why not give it a try. WOW!!”

2. Relationships Matter

This is an important reminder that health goes beyond moving your body and eating nutritious foods. Social health has a severe impact on our lives, especially as women who are naturally social and seeking connection. I even have a whole chapter about this in Well to the Core!

Yet, the average American over age 60 will spend more than half of their waking hours alone. Older adults who invest in their social connections and experience a sense of community are less susceptible to anxiety, depression, or negative mood states. 

They also tend to exhibit a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular issues, hypertension, and substance abuse. What’s more, strong and consistent relational support could even protect you from dementia. 

3. Adaptability and Emotional Regulation Improve With Age

I’m willing to bet that you’ve noticed a change in your emotional regulation over the years. Maybe something that would have caused you to panic or lash out in your younger years, doesn’t have the same effect on you that it once did. Or maybe over the years, you’ve become more comfortable with change.

Mental health can be a stigmatized topic across some generational lines. This doesn’t mean your mental and emotional balance has to suffer as you transition into older age. Despite those stereotypes about erratic behavior or irritable mood swings, the Perspectives on Psychological Science Journal shows that older adults are generally more adaptable and better at emotional regulation in adverse circumstances than their younger counterparts.

Many older adults report a higher positive affect and lower anxiety and anger levels. They also report less reactivity to stress and more acceptance of emotions than young adults, the research continues. Older adults who cultivate meaning in life also have more resilience to care for their mental health and meet changes or obstacles head-on.

A powerful way to cultivate meaning in your life as you age is through breathwork. If you’ve never done this before, start your Lindywell trial and get instant access to dozens of guided breathwork sessions to help you tap into meaning, mindfulness, and calm.

4. Cognitive Function Can Be Just as Robust

Of course, the onset of cognitive decline is a reasonable age-related concern. However, it’s not as inevitable as you might think. While some brain functions (like alertness, reaction time, and visual acuity) do slow with age, the Nature Human Behaviour Journal found that other cognitive skills can improve well into a person’s late 70s.    

Many older adults can orient their attention, tune out distractions, and process conflicting information more efficiently than middle-aged adults. That’s because a wealth of life experience and lessons help strengthen neural networks. Talk about the power of wisdom!

So how do you keep your cognitive function strong? Mindful movement like Pilates can be very helpful, along with brain-healthy foods (like walnuts, eggs and fatty fish) that support memory, cognition and focus!

5. Aging Can Feel Empowering

While not everything is in our control when it comes to aging, there are things we can do to age intentionally and with joy. Our age doesn’t have to define us. We define ourselves by the choices that we make and the habits we pursue.

Aging is not something to desperately reverse with “quick fix” products or to view with resignation. Rather, it’s a season with so much to look forward to. For example, an aging mental health study found that older adults report feeling less self-conscious and less shame—I know I’m good with that shift!

When we redefine this process through a lens of empowerment. We can celebrate the mindset shifts and physical transitions that helped evolve us into the unique, multi-faceted women we are today. At the same time, we can anticipate with excitement who we’ll become as the next stage unfolds. 

Defy Age-Related Stereotypes and Embracing Aging

Aging can feel nerve-wracking. Plus, our culture and the media don’t help, along with the new and sometimes unexpected issues and health conditions that arise as we age. And yet, we can still choose to create our own narrative fostering healthy living. Societal messages want us to believe that our value dips and our beauty fades as we grow older, but we don’t have to accept this. 

Join me in embracing women’s aging and finding joy and happiness in every season we experience! Our mission at Lindywell is to equip women to live vibrant lives full of strength and resilience. Start your free trial today to begin reconnecting with your body, no matter what season you’re going through or how challenging it feels.

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12 thoughts on “5 Truths About Aging for Women (And One Major Lie)”

  1. I just signed up for monthly, I love you ur voice how we workout ur explaining I have been using YouTube for 2 yrs have severe arthritis I still do Pilates , 2 walks a day some days I can’t but I do as much as my body allows persevere. Now 64 as young as 12 I began my health journey both parents very ill. So prevention was is my motivator. I believe love all you do I testify huge results gentle movements you teach my core my back twisting lifting I thought was over I can do

    1. Thank you for being a part of Lindywell and adding Pilates to your active lifestyle! We appreciate you sharing the difference that Pilates has made for you and we are cheering you on, Emily, both on and off your mat!

  2. I’m coming up to 70 this week and my short but regular (mostly!) Pilates sessions are even more important to me as I get older. I’m convinced they are keeping me flexible and have taught me how to use my core strength in everyday activities. I’m more physically active than when I was younger, growing veg on our Smallholding, running (can recommended Parkrun 😊), cycling when I can in the warmer months, weekly swims in the winter. I’ve decided to age outrageously, wear what I want (usually leggings, sometimes with a short skirt 😅), never ‘retire’, and do as much as my body will allow. Mentally I feel in my 50s, first thing in the morning I feel 100….until I’ve managed to get on my mat for those magical 10-15 minutes!

    1. “age outrageously!” I LOVE that! Thank you so much for sharing and for including Pilates into your active lifestyle! We are cheering you on, Liz, and wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

  3. I have been doing Pilates for about 20 years. Starting at my local YMCA until the pandemic, then I found Robin’s on line program. So for the past 4 years I have been a Lindywell devotee. I join her most days and occasionally on the weekends I. I feel so refreshed after each session! I am 91 years old and doing Pilates has helped me get there. Thank you! And I am NOT stopping!

    1. We are celebrating you and your 20 years of Pilates! We’re so thankful that you are a part of the Lindywell community and so glad that you found us!

  4. Hello Lindywell friends,
    Thanks so much for this great program that has enhanced my life the past 3 years of the aging process! I’m 73 and do pilates daily in the morning before working full time. I work with preschoolers, so am active throughout the day, and take an afternoon walk when I come home. Pilates with Lindywell has helped with flexibility, strength, and self confidance. This very caring social community offers encouragement and motivation daily as well. This article about againg resonated with, me as my school (with budget issues like so many) is cutting back on staff. I feared that my age would make me a candidate for getting cut, but was told by a supervisor instead that she valued my experience, knowledge and relationships with children and their families because of my length of time there! So here’s to growing older and really living each day! Thankful for Robin & Lindywell!!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Debbie! We are so glad that this blog resonated with you and that you get to do the work that you love! We are celebrating you and all of your hard work both on your mat and in the classroom!

  5. Thank you Robin and team for this beautiful article. I am 64 and look and feel much younger. Age is just a number! I am constantly reading Robin’s Well to the Core when I need a reminder to nourish my body with loving movement like Pilates. The Lindywell philosophy is like no other and empowers me every day with healthy movement, nutrition and breathwork options. Thank you!

    1. We are celebrating the way that you are caring for yourself, Lisa, and we are cheering you on. You are worth it!

  6. I am 61 years old and have been part of the sisterhood for five years going on six and have loved it thoroughly. I have never stuck to an exercise program in my life except for this one and my daily walking. Thank you for what you do. I appreciate you.

    1. We are so thankful for you, Jody! We’re glad that you are a part of this community and that you are caring for yourself in this way. You are worth it!

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