Explore 'Well to the Core'
by Robin Long

You deserve to feel good―

not just in your body, but in your whole being.

It is possible to break free from stress around what you’re eating, how you’re exercising, and what you weigh.

Stop the worry and reclaim your freedom.

Find out how in Well to the Core: the Pilates book by Robin Long.

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I’m here to tell you: there is a better way.

In Well to the Core, renowned Pilates teacher Robin Long shows  I’ll show you how to:

  • Create an exercise routine that feels realistic – while still achieving your health goals
  • Rid yourself of any guilt and shame you experience around health and fitness
  • Connect with your body through movement, food, breathwork, and play
  • Gain strength, improved posture, and flexibility through exclusive Pilates exercises (From mat work to leg circles and beyond, these original exercises are only found in this book!)
  • Learn practical wellness tips straight from a professional Pilates practitioner so that you can feel your best

Whether you are a Pilates enthusiast or a beginner, people of all fitness levels can benefit from Robin’s life-giving approach to wellness. 

Well to the Core will help you discover a sustainable and enjoyable roadmap to better mental and physical health through Pilates principles.

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Well to the Core Journal

This workbook is designed to not just inspire you, but to help you take action in your online Pilates practice. This digital journal is the perfect companion to help you turn what you read into personalized, meaningful action steps to help you reach your wellness goals.

(Valued at $29)

Well to the Core Jumpstart with Robin

Designed by a Pilates instructor with you in mind, Well to the Core is your roadmap to improved mental and physical health. In this behind-the-scenes digital workshop, Robin will help you jumpstart your plan for embracing the ten core components from the book and have practical first steps for making lasting change.
(Valued at $79)

“From a young age, we hear women complimenting one another on their physical appearance, with a frequent focus on the size and shape of their bodies. We’re taught that we need to change what we see in the mirror in order to be successful, fulfilled, relevant, and accepted. We think we have to punish our bodies with grueling exercise and harshly restrict our diets in order to reach an idealized size. We believe that if we just work hard enough, muster up more willpower, and hit some elusive ‘goal weight,’ we’ll finally be healthier. And happier.

But there IS a better way.

What people are saying about Well to the Core…

I first encountered Robin’s work several years ago, during a stretch of time when I felt disconnected from my body and in need of a guide back to myself. Robin taught me practices and perspectives that helped put me on a path toward health in body and spirit. I know these beautiful pages will do that same gentle guiding work for so many people.
Shauna Niequist
New York Times bestselling author
Robin’s “grace over guilt” mentality is at the heart of everything she does—and it has transformed the way I think about wellness. Well to the Core provides an inspiring overview of a much-needed perspective shift around healthy living. You’re going to love this transformative book!
Rebekah Lyons
Bestselling author of Rhythms of Renewal
Beautifully weaving together personal stories with research-backed tips and insights, Well to the Core provides a road map for anyone who’d like to take the first step toward health and wellness. In this practical guide, Robin Long gently invites you to consider and rethink what it means to be healthy, from the inside out.
Dr. Andrea Gurney
Psychologist, professor, and author of Reimagining Your Love Story