3 tips for neck & shoulder tension

Where do you hold stress in your body?

For many of us, we hold it in our shoulders, head, neck, and jaw.

Try these tips to help you relieve tension:

#1. Be mindful of your posture

Make sure you are strengthening your postural muscles regularly, bringing your head back over your shoulders, shoulders over your hips – keeping a long, tall spine and engaged core.

#2. Practice roll-downs

The rolling motion helps stretch and lengthen your spine to take pressure off your joints. You can do them throughout the day and before and after your workouts to help soften the muscles that get tired after a long day.

#3. Include rotational exercises in your workouts

So many of us get stuck in a forward movement pattern. Rotation helps ease tightness in the body and increase blood flow to maintain the range of motion in our joints and release tension in the areas you might be holding stress.

Here’s a quick video of Robin Long, Pilates Instructor and founder of Lindywell, walking through how to incorporate these tips into your daily life:

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4 thoughts on “3 tips for neck & shoulder tension”

  1. Aleksandra Włodarczyk Zumba

    I live very fast. Each day I teach few Zumba classes, so my body and my neck is hard, most of my muscles have big tension. I often feel that my shoulders are hard like a stone. You have made a nice video to help lower the neck and shoulder tension.

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