How to simplify your routines and stress less

If you’re like most people, having stress in your life is inevitable. If you’re dealing with stress right now, know that you’re not alone, and with everything that we have been through as a society these past couple years, how can we be surprised if we are experiencing stress? 

As a listener of The Balanced Life, you know that Robin has been working very intentionally over the past year to not only reduce stress in her own life, but also to figure out how to effectively manage it. In today’s episode, we are going to dive into a practical and helpful framework that Robin uses called “The 3 D’s” – which is Do, Delegate and Delete. With this framework, the goal is to simplify our routines in order to help reduce unnecessary stress in our lives, and by doing this, it can really reduce our overall load, day-to-day. 

We hope this episode will encourage you to take some time to pause and reflect, and to think about the things that you really want to do and be spending your time on, and the framework Robin shares will help you do just that. 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • Some stress is actually shown to be good for you, but being in a constant state of chronic stress is a recipe for disaster and will negatively impact your health
  • Robin reveals the “3 D’s” framework and how she, her team, and friends use it to simplify more and stress less
  • Some examples of what’s on Robin’s “Do” list and why she is prioritizing these things in this season of her life
  • How she thinks of delegation, and the first things that comes to mind when she’s looking to take things off of her plate
  • Asking for help is not only beneficial to you, but also to the people that you are asking for help 
  • You may be able to delete things from your life that may have once been important in a different season, because little things deleted now can equal big results and more time back in your day

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6 thoughts on “How to simplify your routines and stress less”

  1. This is so simple and yet so wise. Thank you. I watched King Richard and when Will Smith said, “Girls, did you write in your your journals… because those who don’t plan, plan to fail.” really helped me add an important step to my day. I write out the next day before I go to bed. I found numbering stresses me out- like I had too much to do the next day. So, I just make it like this:
    * take vitamins
    *drink 10 glasses of water
    * write in my gratitude journal
    * call the lawyer
    * make dr appointment
    * get to the beach
    * go to dance class

    I don’t always get everything done, but it helps me brain dump and hold myself accountable. 🙏🏼❤️

    I always take my vitamins and commit to drinking my water everyday. The simple act makes feel healthy and in charge of my health.

    1. It’s fantastic that you have found what works for you, Cheryl! We love how you hold yourself accountable, but also give yourself grace if everything doesn’t get done. Keep up the great work, you’re worth it!❤️

  2. Having recently had eye surgery, and no exercise for 2 weeks, I’m now in a grump and finding it difficult to kick start again. Any suggestions please?

    1. We hope you’ve had a full recovery from your eye surgery, Lynette! We know it can be challenging to restart routines when there has been a disruption and recommend that you listen to your body and gently ease back into your health care routine. We suggest starting with a walk and a short stretching routine such as “Relaxing Stretching Pilates Routine” you can find here, Focus on how you feel after each workout and use that to motivate yourself to begin again the next time. We’re cheering for you!

  3. Yummy Meal Preps

    3D’s! Noted! Especially those tasks you don’t enjoy. Since I adopted that it just makes a daily routine more enjoyable!

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