Simple ways to declutter and reduce stress

Being in a cluttered space can make us feel overwhelmed and bogged down. As new seasons approach, it’s time to freshen up our wardrobes, our routines, and our homes. In today’s conversation, Robin Long shares how decluttering your space could bring you the stress relief you’ve been searching for. 

Robin takes a balanced approach to health and fitness that is applicable to every aspect of your life. She provides practical and tangible steps you can do at home to reduce stress and benefit your physical and emotional health.

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • What is The Balanced Life Sisterhood 
  • Why The Balanced Life does Off-The-Mat Missions
  • What decluttering has to do with your health 
  • Robin shares studies that explore how clutter negatively impacts mental health 
  • Small tips to get started cleaning out the clutter 
  • Ways to decipher whether to make a home for an item or get rid of it
  • Using the “Neat Method” 
  • The difference between decluttering and organizing 
  • How to keep decluttering moving in your house 
  • Tips to keep toys uncluttered and organized
  • How Robin keeps toys and the home “fresh” 
  • The nightly “Sanity Sweep”
  • How to “maintain” the order as you declutter
  • The importance of optimizing spaces that bring you life 

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