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We moved into a new house last summer and here we are, 9 months later, and STILL getting settled. As I type this from my desk, there is a stack of 6 frames that have been leaning against the wall for months, just waiting to be hung. Life with two little kids is busy…and on top of that, I have trouble committing when it comes to decorating our home. So here we are. 🙂

But one of the things I love most about our new home is the pantry! Our last place had very little cabinet space and it was a task to find storage for all of our food. Our pantry plays such a central role in our day-to-day life that I knew I wanted to take the time to create a pantry organization system that would ensure it doesn’t become a jumbled mess of food, appliances, and other random items that end up in there by default.

I reached out to my friends at Neat Method and had the wonderful opportunity to work with one of their consultants, Kat Pettey, here in Santa Barbara.

It was a delightful experience.

She came to my house, asked meaningful questions about how our family operates, cleaned out my pantry, came up with a plan, went to The Container Store, and created a system that works perfectly for our family. Honestly, months later, it still looks clean and organized!

In case you’re hoping to do a little pantry organization in your home too, I invited Kat to share her best tips from a professional point of view…

5 tips for pantry organization from Kat Pettey of Neat Method

Tip #1: PURGE. The best way to start organizing your pantry is to take a look at each and every item, and make sure there isn’t anything expired that’s taking up valuable real estate! Everyone has a few items that are past their expiration date, so starting fresh will ensure more compliments to the chef!

Tip #2: CATEGORIZE. Keeping like-items together will guarantee that you can always find what you need and you will use what you have, before it goes bad. Separate your pantry into fun, simple categories. We love having fun with this by labeling popcorn, chips, and crackers as “salty snacks” and then cookies, candies, and other specialties as “sweet treats.”

Tip #3: PRIORITIZE. Consider what is most frequently used. Make sure those items are placed on the shelves that are at eye level. If you don’t want your children grabbing for the chocolate after school, put that up high, and have kid friendly snacks right where they can see them.

Tip #4: CONTAIN. It is important to purchase items that are not only visually appealing, but also functional. In a NEAT Method pantry, you will find one or more of the following: baskets, containers, jars, chalkboard labels, and hanging tags. You’ll notice most of the items are from The Container Store, it is kind of our home away from home!

Tip #5: ENJOY. Literally! Take a step back and enjoy your mouth-watering pantry. If you find yourself leaving the pantry doors open to steal a glance every 30 seconds, don’t worry, it’s completely normal, and understandable!

pantry organization 2

pantry organization

If you’re interested in hiring a little help to make your pantry organization dreams come true, I can’t recommend Neat Method enough.

NEAT Method recognizes that life gets hectic and that maintaining an organized home can become a challenge. NEAT Method will design a customized solution that is not only effective, but sustainable. Expect an honest approach, a sharp eye for detail, and a personal sense of refined style. We believe that once your life is clutter free and well-arranged, you will have a new appreciation for the importance of living NEAT.

Thank you to Kat Pettey at Neat Method Santa Barbara for helping me organize my pantry and contributing to this post! For tips and inspiration, you can follow her on Instagram here and you can find Neat Method here.


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