Pilates Summer Series – Day #4 (beach booty!)


I’ve said from the beginning that this challenge is about MORE than the size and shape of your body.

While it’s great to set physical goals and work on our physical bodies, it’s just as important to work on our mental health.

In fact, if you really want to see changes in your life and health it’s best to work from the inside out.

It takes more than exercise to attain that beautiful, confident, summer glow.

“I’m so fat.”

“I hate my thighs.”

“My butt is too big.

“I’m not strong enough.”

“I’m too old.”

“I’m too big to wear that.”

“I’m so gross.”

Do any of these statements sound familiar?


At first, they may seem harsh, but for many women these thoughts occur every day and we don’t even really notice. It’s just become the norm.

If you’re stuck in a pattern of repeating unhealthy internal conversations throughout the day, you’re never going to be happy with the way you look. No matter how much weight  you lose or how much muscle you gain.

If self-criticism is your norm, you will always find something you want to change even when you reach the goals you set out to accomplish in the first place. There will always be something left to criticize…

I used to beat myself up SO much. And you know what? It wasn’t until I started working on the inside that I started to see changes on the outside. It’s something that I’m still very aware of and pay attention to on a daily basis.


So today, and for the rest of the month, I challenge you to change the conversation.

Every time you’re tempted to speak negatively about yourself or your body, pause, and replace it with something positive.

Will it feel cheesy? Yes.

Will it feel forced? Yes.

But it will work.

Over time, you will change your habits and change your beliefs.

Attaining a positive self-image will translate to positive changes in your life. 

So will you join me? If so, answer with a YES in the comments. 🙂


Today’s Pilates Summer Series workout is all about the booty! We’re going to strengthen, shape and sculpt your backside. It’s short and sweet so if you’re feeling ambitious add on day #1, day #2 or day #3!

If you’re unable to view the video above please click here.

TODAY’S CHECK-IN: In honor of our goal to create positive change from the inside out, show me something that motivates you to be a strong, confident woman.

Maybe it’s your child, a friend, an old photo…there’s no right or wrong answer. Be creative and have fun! Don’t forget to hashtag #PilatesSummerSeries and search it to see what your PSS sisters are up to throughout the week. 🙂

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for our very first GUEST INSTRUCTOR! You are going to love her if you don’t already.



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10% of all proceeds are donated to The Mercy House – Kenya.



disclaimer: these videos were created for individuals in good health. Robin recommends that you speak with your doctor prior to beginning a new exercise routine. By doing this video you do so at your own risk and agree to release Robin Long and The Balanced Life of any and all liability. Clothing generously provided by Athleta.

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18 thoughts on “Pilates Summer Series – Day #4 (beach booty!)”

  1. Yes! Thank you for this post. I struggle with this often so it’s comforting to be reminded that I’m not the only one. It’s something that I’m always trying to work on, so I’m with you. This workout was a great way to start the day! #PilatesSummerSeries

  2. Yes! I’m actually a very positive person, but I will admit that I do have negative thoughts from time to time so I will do this!

  3. Yes!

    That negative self talk is something I’ve become real aware of lately. There’s a wise saying in sports that goes something along the lines of “If you beat yourself, your opponent doesn’t even have to try to win,” and self talk is a major way we beat ourselves daily. So let’s agree to help eachother stop, and if one of us is down on themselves, let us be confident enough in ourselves to reach in and build them back up :).

    Such a great message this morning, kudos :).

  4. Whew! good workout… did twice. Thanks also for the mind challenge – something i could improve on. Great job everybody!

  5. Yes, it does seem forced and cheesey, but then one day you realize you don’t even have to think about it any more…it just comes naturally!

  6. AH! It burns!! Loving this series! It is short enough that I can fit it in to even my busiest finals days!

  7. Definitely need to learn to be a little kinder to myself….and set a better example for my little girl.
    I love that this series is great for busy moms like me…to spend a little time on themselves. #PilatesSummerSeries

  8. Oh goodness just last night I looked in the mirror and was wearing shorts and said “ew look how fat my butt and thighs are! Why am I so fat when I work out all the time? I need to stop eating carbs” haha then I wake up and read this post and realize how silly I sound. #1-I AM NOT FAT. #2-Not eating carbs is ridiculous, especially when you have two growing boys, pizza parties and baseball games. I don’t want to be at a BBQ and have my boys see me eating a hot dog without the bun or a lettuce wrap burger or passing on the pizza for a few carrots. I know they are boys, but I still make an impression on them, and the last thing they need is to become pickier eaters! #3-I should workout out for health and not to look like a Supermodel. So, thank you Robin for getting my thoughts back on track. Love you and all that you do for our little community. XO

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