The Life-Changing Benefits of Play with Kaita, Becca + Sheri

Today’s episode is fun, playful, and one that will boost your mood! Every month in our membership community we dive deep into one area of wellness that takes place off the mat, and every July we focus on play. However, in today’s busy world, how do we make time for play, and what does it even look like?

Joining today to help answer these questions are Kaita, Becca and Sheri,  three of our incredible Pilates instructors who have put their passion into helping women move and embrace the playful side of life. The wisdom that they’ve gained by intentionally adding play into their daily lives, and how you can incorporate it too, can truly be life-changing. 

If you haven’t yet listened to Episode 68 with Kaita, Becca and Sheri, you’ll want to tune into that one, and on our app you can find workouts from all three of these amazing instructors! 

Tag us on Instagram, @thebalancelife, and let us know what you are doing for play this week. We want to hear from you and cheer you on, and if you haven’t already, we’d be so grateful if you rated, reviewed and subscribed to our podcast to help us spread our message and continue to do the work we do here! 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • A look at whether play comes naturally, and why it’s so often easily forgotten
  • Play really does look different for everyone, and Kaita, Becca, Sheri and share in their own words would it looks like in each of their lives 
  • There are so many benefits to play that we often don’t truly consider, including how it can positively impact the relationships we have with our partner 
  • Play can be incorporated into your Pilates practice, and all three reveal easy ways that you can start doing this right now 
  • There are key life lessons that can be learned by playing, and the magic really happens when you can understand and appreciate what play can teach you
  • Injuries can be a barrier to moving for adults, but there are practical ways to minimize and avoid them so that you can keep progressing 
  • One thing that they will be committing to these week in order to integrate play into their lives, and a special challenge for listeners to do the same

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4 thoughts on “The Life-Changing Benefits of Play with Kaita, Becca + Sheri”

  1. Aleksandra Włodarczyk Zumba

    I like to participate in pilates and joga classes. Those kind of classes are stress relievers for me. It helps my mind and body to lower the tension. After every hard cardio workout or after a week of the intense workouting it’s good to have some slowing down plus extra good stretching.

    1. How wonderful that you have so many ways of caring for yourself! It sounds like you do a great job of listening to your body!

  2. health south sewickley

    Good story, thank you! It can actually be a great idea to start new habits or just change your lifestyle.

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