8 Ways that Your Wellness Journey Can Make Life More Vibrant

wellness journey

When you think of the term “wellness journey,” what comes to mind? Perhaps a Rocky-like montage of working out at the gym, pumping your fist in the air, dripping with sweat? While movement is absolutely part of a wellness journey—and sweaty, hard workouts are once what I thought of too—what comes to my mind what I think of wellness now is much different than it was a few years ago. Now I want to help you make this shift too.

After years of releasing perfection, focusing on grace over guilt, and working with my body not against it, I now hear “wellness journey” and feel a sense of vibrancy flow over me. I see and feel all the goodness in my life, my relationships, and my body. 

This is because I see wellness as a holistic experience of health, both in mind and body. While I make time to do Pilates nearly daily, I also focus on breathwork, take care of my mental health, and prioritize strength-building. 

When you broaden the lens of what your wellness journey looks like, to include daily habits, physical strength building, mental health, and much more, you’ll find that life becomes truly vibrant. Here are some ways that this shift can impact you.

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1. Stamina for Life

Physical health is the foundational element of well-being, but not just strength-building. Life-long healthy habits such as consistent movement, nutritious eating, adequate sleep, and access to nature will sustain and nourish the body. This, in turn, fills you with the stamina to get through your days, do physically demanding activities, and explore the world. In other words, live a full life!

What’s really cool is that science tells us this physical vitality gives you more energy and enthusiasm levels while also reducing your risk of chronic diseases. We all want those things, don’t we?

2. Mental Clarity and Creativity

A strong mind is like a well-tuned instrument. An intentional, consistent mindfulness practice will enhance your ability to use it, especially when it comes to creative, flexible thinking. In fact, research shows a correlation between mindfulness and:

  • Decision-making
  • Concentration
  • Problem-solving
  • Observation skills 

This cultivated mental clarity also helps you formulate new, imaginative ways to flesh out an idea, complete a task, or achieve a goal. In other words, your mind is clear enough to think outside the box and get things done!

3. Emotional Regulation and Resilience

Learning how to process, stabilize, and regulate your emotions leads to more resilience in all areas of life. If you can recognize the emotion, it has less power over you, allowing you to validate yourself and move forward rather than staying stuck in that headspace. 

A holistic wellness journey makes this awareness possible, which in turn makes it easier for you to:

  • Adapt to changes.
  • Recover from setbacks big and small.
  • Form healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Maintain a balanced outlook in the face of adversity.

When I talk about making life more vibrant, I don’t mean minimizing the difficult circumstances that will inevitably arise. I mean learning how to persevere in the midst of them, which also happens to be a strong predictor of overall happiness.

Practice breathwork by joining us for Exhale Hour, a live guided breathwork session. This is just one of the many ways to build emotional resilience and regulation. 

4. Deep Relationship Connections

When you prioritize well-being, you create more bandwidth to meaningfully connect with those around you. Think about it: if you’re feeling energized and happy, you want to spend time with friends. If you’re feeling low and burnt out, you’re more likely to crave quiet and alone time. 

While there’s nothing wrong with the latter, high-quality relationships can lower blood pressure, strengthen cardiovascular health, and boost brain function. Your friendships are as vital to your well-being as your workouts, so don’t skip this important aspect of your wellness journey. 

5. Rest and Sleep Quality

Creating healthy habits around sleep hygiene, diet, and physical activity boosts your ability to get restorative sleep, which in turn, reduces the effects of insomnia and chronic fatigue. Think about what habits you want to build to make this restorative sleep possible. I’ve found it helpful to put away my devices an hour or two before bed to reduce blue light exposure. 

You could also start doing our Pilates for Better Sleep workout or Sleep Well, an evening breathwork practice. The small changes can have a significant impact on your sleep—and let’s be honest, we all need sleep to function at our best.

6. The Freedom to Do what You Love

Part of your wellness journey is exploring your hobbies and things that you love doing that don’t involve work or ticking something off your to-do list. When you explore those leisure activities that you enjoy, you also boost your endocrine, immune, cardiometabolic, and central nervous functions.

After years of reading only non-fiction books, I recently started reading fiction again. I’ve found that reading fiction helps my mind truly rest and not force my reading time to be “productive” like most other areas of life. Reading just for the sake of reading has been a much-needed addition to my wellness routine over the past couple of months.

7. Self-Confidence 

Robust physical, mental, and emotional health can boost self-confidence—but confidence isn’t just about feeling good when you look in the mirror. This cultivated self-confidence gives you the courage to step outside your comfort zone, trust in your own capabilities, and chase after your wildest ambition. In other words, create the life you truly want to live!

High levels of self-confidence will also foster a growth mindset to learn and improve after encountering failure or rejection. This shift in your mindset can lead to feeling more confident in every area of your life.

8. Less (And More Manageable) Stress

Stressful moments are inevitable and yet chronic stress can make you feel overwhelmed or out of control. Your wellness journey can make it much easier to manage those moments when they arise and even reduce the stress in your life. For example, exercise is actually a stress reliever—and nearly any form of exercise can help decrease your stress. 

Pair this with some of the other practices mentioned, like breathwork and mindfulness, and you may find you experience stress less and less. Talk about vitality!

Reap the Vibrant Lifestyle Benefits of a Holistic Wellness Journey

Focusing on mental, emotional, and physical health isn’t about checking another health box. It’s about creating a vibrant life that leaves you feeling abundant, strong, calm, and confident. This is exactly how we help our thousands of members across the globe feel with Lindywell. 

If you want to create a vibrant life, while feeling stronger and more confident, start your free trial and get instant access to 300+ workouts, plus nutritious recipes and guided breathwork sessions.

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2 thoughts on “8 Ways that Your Wellness Journey Can Make Life More Vibrant”

  1. Gaylene Ottenbreit

    Thankyou for this article, it is so inspiring and really you have taught me to appreciate and to acknowledge gratefulness. I have recently returned to reading and enjoy it as part of my routine. Every point you make above I am discovering how The Balanced Life is helping me cultivate this into daily life. I love how my mood is better, feel vibrant and confident since making Lindywell part of my life. Thank you 🙏🏻

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! We are so thankful that you are a part of this community and love hearing the difference that it has made for you. <3

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