Standing Pilates Workout

Today I’m going to lead you through an all standing Pilates routine.

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll work your entire body – all while standing. So whether you’re looking for a standing workout due to health reasons or you’re traveling and looking for something you can do anywhere, anytime – this workout is for you.

You’ll get an amazing core workout, some great lower body exercises, and we’ll even mix in some great stretches, so you’ll end this workout feeling strong, flexible, and energized to take on the rest of your day.

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17 thoughts on “Standing Pilates Workout”

  1. Soo delighted to finally have another standing workout! I do love mat work, but standing is def easier to fit in with a 2year old running around! Many thanks xx

    1. Jen McManaman

      Love that, Alex! Way to take care of yourself while taking care of your 2-year old! Keep up the great work, you’re worth it!👏 💪

  2. Loved this! The pacing, range of exercises, amount of time, everything was perfect. Thank you for sharing this amazing workout!

  3. Fantastic!!
    I like that it is standing- a do anywhere- workout as well as targeting the core…
    Thank u!

    1. Jen McManaman

      We love how you’re thinking, Christie, you can do this ANYWHERE! We’re cheering you for you!

  4. So Happy to see a standing class since I have as a knee cap misalignment in my left knee cap most of my life snd getting on my knees makes my knee cap get more messed up and I am now 70 years older and love exercising my whole life … Thank you love your balanced life ..💕

    1. Jen McManaman

      How wonderful that you’ve cared for yourself with exercise throughout your whole life despite your knee challenges, Connie! Keep up the great work, you’re worth it!👏 💪💕

  5. Felt that slow tingling burn, that when I know I had a good workout. I appreciate the thoughtful personalized flow of everything. It was like I was right on the beach with here doing the routines, because I put on a noise maker for the sounds of the beach in the back ground. I just close my eyes, when I am stable of course, and transport myself to a peaceful beach! I was great to get back to my yogi roots, I was a little rusty but it brought back great memories. Keep up the great creative routines!

    1. Yes, that feeling is your body telling you you’re getting stronger! How fun that you added the sounds of the beach to bring on a peaceful feeling! We’re cheering you on!👏💪

  6. Making great progress! Its been about two weeks now and there is definitely less burning, thank goodness. I feel I can hold a pose longer without shaking as much and I am starting to focus more on my mind rather than what my body is doing. This allows my mind to be more free from the distraction of pain, and more on being in balance with a peaceful mindset. I can hear the beach more and can better visualize myself at that beach now. Thanks again for this great routine, its just what I needed.

    1. Jen McManaman

      That’s fantastic, Kalh! Pilates has a strong mind body connection and you are doing so well with that. Keep up the great work so you continue to experience all of the benefits!

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