Pilates At Home (part II)

Did you have a chance to try last week’s at-home Pilates series?

I’ve been doing it all week and without fail, the baby laughs at me.  Kind of hilarious and  quite humbling 🙂 It’s a good reminder to get down on the floor with my babe while working these muscles back into shape.

Here are 3 more Pilates exercises that you can do from home this week.

Sneak them in throughout the day and enjoy the results 🙂


1. Side Plank

Start by laying on your side, propped up on your elbow. Make sure that your elbow is directly underneath your shoulder. Stack your feet or place your top foot in front of your bottom foot, toes pointing forward. Before you lift, draw your waist in and engage your lats. From there, lift your hips and hold for 20 – 60 seconds. Repeat on the opposite side.

Tips: draw your belly toward your spine to support your midsection, “lift” out of your shoulder joint, keep your head in line with your spine.


2. Criss-Cross

Lay on your back with your hands fully interlaced behind your head and your knees in table top position (90 degrees). Nod your chin to your chest and curly your upper spine off of the ground, folding right under your rib cage. As you extend your right leg, rotate your right shoulder toward your bent left knee. Alternate sides. Do 10 on each side.

Tips: Use your hands to support your head and kneck, rotate with your shoulders NOT your elbows, keep your legs almost touching as they bicycle in and out.


3. Glute Lifts

Lay on your back with your feet flat on the floor. Rest your arms long down by your side. Take a moment to make sure your hip socket, knees and toes are aligned. Press your hips up toward the ceiling and lower back down. Squeeze your glutes as you press upward. Do 10-20 repetitions.

Tips: keep your belly drawing in toward your spine, don’t arch your back, keep your collarbone wide and open.

Give these a try on their own or add them to last week’s Pilates exercises and let me know how it goes!

Have a great Monday,

P.S. – Looking for more? The best exercise for a strong core + video: 8 minute Pilates abs

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