The Balanced Life Sisterhood – snag your spot!

Hi beauties,

I’m THRILLED to share very exciting news with you today.

First off, I hope you like the look of the newly designed website! I’ve been working with a team to make The Balanced Life much more user-friendly so that you can easily access old posts along with past challenges and free workouts.

Check out the tabs at the top of the site to browse programs that have been offered in the past and new ones that will be offered in the future.


Now, on to the BIG news.

For a long time now, clients, readers and friends have been asking me for monthly tools and resources to stay consistent and motivated on their Pilates/wellness journeys. They love the free challenges but feel like they need a little something else to keep them going strong throughout the year.

I’ve been listening but felt I needed to wait for the right time to launch a program that would really provide EXACTLY what you need to stay on track in the midst of life’s constant demands and responsibilities.

Reading stories and comments about how The Balanced Life has inspired so many of you ditch the guilt, love your body and embrace a new healthy lifestyle sent me on a mission to create a way that we can all continue on our journey together, with fresh new resources and a sisterhood of support.

After a full year of dreaming and months of creating I’m thrilled to announce our new monthly subscription service, The Balanced Life Sisterhood.

I don’t think I have ever been this excited about a launch. This subscription service will allow us to stay consistent, stay connected and stay motivated ALL YEAR LONG.

You can hear a little more in this video. Or just keep reading if you want to get on to the details…

As a Balanced Life Sisterhood Member each month you will receive:

  • A monthly workout calendar comprised primarily of short (5-10 minute) workouts from my YouTube channel, along with full-length workouts mixed in so that you never have to wonder what to do each day.
  • A brand new 20-40 minute Pilates or barre workout that focuses on unique goals and needs (examples: Buns & Guns, Pilates For Stress Relief, Core Challenge, Lower Body Lift, Pilates For Posture, and many more) PLUS access to The Balanced Life archives that will grow as the year goes on.
  • Monthly Missions: each month we’ll focus on a single theme to help us live a more balanced, healthy, stress-free life. I’ll provide worksheets and resources for you to focus on this one specific mission each month and we’ll tackle it together in the Facebook group.

A sneak peek into 2015’s Monthly Missions:

Mastering Willpower

Protecting Energy Reserves

Meal Planning Made Easy

Increasing Productivity

Scheduling Your Health/Time Management

Taking Time To Play

Practicing Presence

Living With Gratitude

  • A free printable with the Monthly Mission’s theme beautifully designed by Lyndsie Smith Design + Photo for you to print and hang on your wall for daily inspiration.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with your Balanced Life sisters as we all work through the monthly workout calendars and Monthly Missions together.
  • A Balanced Life Sister: looking for more personal accountability? I’ll set you up with a Balanced Life sister so that you can connect and keep each other on track as you work toward your goals and focus on the Monthly Missions. Totally optional but highly encouraged. 🙂
  • Sisterhood discounts on my future online programs along with discounts on my favorite products exclusively for The Balanced Life Sisterhood.


BONUS: if you sign up by January 31st you’ll also receive 3 exclusive 15-minute videos for FREE:

1. Core Power: abs, abs & more abs

2. Stretching & Stress Relief: perfect for days you just need to move your body and re-charge your spirit.

3. Pilates Full Body Circuit: a 15 minute video with 1 focused exercise for each body part that can easily be repeated 2-3x for a full-length, full-body circuit workout.

Learn more and sign up HERE.


I really hope you’ll join me!

If you’re familiar with The Balanced Life community then you know it’s going to be something really special.

This community is different from other online fitness sites in that we keep it real, we keep it honest, we extend grace and we focus on encouragement rather than competition or comparison.

And don’t worry, I’ll still be keeping up with all the posts and programs here on blog, this program is just a way to commit, engage and receive MORE resources to truly change your health and life for the better.

Learn more and sign up HERE.

Questions? Post them in the comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP.



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24 thoughts on “The Balanced Life Sisterhood – snag your spot!”

  1. Robin, this is SO exciting!! Congrats on all the hard work you’ve put into the new site (extra yay for being mobile friendly!) and also the sisterhood program. I have one question…can we join the program at any time throughout the year? I’m just thinking that until I get cleared for exercise after baby arrives, I won’t be able to get much out of the subscription. Thanks so, so much for being a shining light in the fitness community. 🙂

    1. Great question! Yes, you can join anytime throughout the year. So I would love to have you when you are cleared for exercise and feel ready to jump back into your Pilates routine! Hope you’re feeling well! When’s your due date again?

      1. That’s great to know – I’ve put a reminder on my calendar to register in the early summer! I’m so looking forward to getting back into my Pilates routine and know this will definitely help things along. My due date is March 25th!

  2. I’ve been wanting to sign up for the Pilates Balance program- is that still an option? How does the Sisterhood differ from that program?

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Great question. They are quite a bit different. The PBP will kick off in early March. It’s a 6 week program that consists of new workouts each week, weekly meal plans, personal coaching and weekly check-in’s. Its more of an intensive program. You can click on the link at the top of the page to read more.

      The Sisterhood is less of a commitment, more of a service to help you stay focused utilizing short workouts each day with some new workouts mixed in each month.

      The two programs could easily be done together if you are interested. But if you want to wait for The PBP it will kick off the first week of March. 🙂

  3. This is SO AMAZING! I am so excited for you and for this amazing new addition to The Balanced Life. I couldn’t imagine my life without you and this community of amazing beautiful women. THANK YOU for dedicating so much time to helping us succeed with our personal health goals. XOXO.

  4. This is so exciting, congratulations Robin! The website is beautiful! I was so sad when the PBP came to an end last July (I was in the June/July program) – the support, encouragement, and coaching I received was invaluable and I appreciated it so much. So the Sisterhood sounds like something that’s right up my alley! Definitely going to look into the monthly subscription. 🙂

    Thank you again for all that you do for women, their confidence, and their health! <3

  5. oh my gosh I am so excited!! I am so glad you are keeping it affordable because I have been wanting to do more Pilates but don’t have time to go to a class (aka don’t have a babysitter) and I can’t really afford it. Your more intensive program also interests me but again, cost is an issue for me right now. This is the answer to my prayers!! Also I love the idea of having a ‘sister’ to help with accountability. What a great idea!! I just need to clear it with my husband before I sign up.

  6. If you pay the monthly fee instead of the yearly fee, does it automatically get subtracted from your account each month? What is the cancellation policy if I do the monthly?

  7. Is this something you recommend for people new to pilates? I’ve done your “pilates for beginners” and been working throught the “28 days of pilates” but thinking about something more. Thanks!

  8. Hi Robin!
    Congratulations! I can literally feel your passion for this project come through my computer screen! =)
    My understanding is that if I sign up for either monthly or the full year, there will be an automatic renewal when the time comes, with the option to cancel at anytime. Can you describe the process of cancellation (just so I know it is a no-risk, easy thing to do).
    Thank you!

    1. Absolutely! Yes, both plans will automatically renew. If you sign up for the monthly option you can cancel any time by log ging into your account and canceling on your own, or by sending me an email. If you sign up for the yearly, you can cancel within 30 days of purchase. But you will be given the option at the one year mark to renew or not renew (meaning you can cancel at that point as well). Does that make sense? I want it to be easy and clear. I have no desire to make it hard for anyone to cancel. I only want people in the group if they love it and enjoy it. 🙂


  9. I love this and can’t wait to continue my journey with you and now a new sisterhood! I love all the support and encouragement that comes from having a group of peers to work with and to keep me accountable! Thank you Robin, your passion and enthusiasm is infectious!

  10. Hi Robin what a great program and so needed. I am in my first trimester and looking forward to feeling a bit better so I can start working out again. Can this program be modified for prenatal fitness? I am thinking specifically of the core work. I am sure it’s needed but am not sure what is appropriate and what is not. I know that the regular encouragement and accountability would be very helpful when I am feeling too tired to work out, just the push I need to stay fit, active and healthy while being pregnant.

    1. Hi Jessica!
      Great questions. And congratulations on your pregnancy!! So exciting. 🙂 The majority of the workouts are not modified for beyond the first trimester. Therefore you will want to make sure you are comfortable knowing which things are helpful and which things to avoid. Often a bit of research and a few classes in person or talking to your doctor can help you determine what needs to be modified. I do believe the accountability, recipes, resources and support will be really helpful as you attempt to stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy. So the program would still certainly be worthwhile! You may also want to check out my Balanced Beginnings program which is full of workouts that are safe for all 3 trimesters along with Prenatal Exercises Guidelines to help you feel safe an empowered during the next three months. 🙂

  11. Hi Robin, I just signed up but got an error when I tried to create a login for the Sisterhood. Can you help me out please? Also, I was wondering if we will be billed again in February (I signed up on 1/25) or if the next payment will come out in March? Thank you! I’m so excited to get started!

    1. Hi Rose!
      Thanks for letting me know. I will send you an email to get your log in sorted out. 🙂 If you signed up for the monthly payment you will be billed on the same date every month. So if you signed up on the 25th of January, your next automatic payment will happen on the 25th of February. 🙂 So glad you joined!

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