How To Write A Health Vision

how to write a life vision

Lately I’ve been thinking about all the visions we have for our individual lives. Sometimes they’re very clear, like owning a home, falling in love or having kids, and sometimes they’re more vague. We know we want something but haven’t actually put words or details to the notion yet.

This came up for me when my husband and I were deciding whether or not to move out of state. All of a sudden I was faced with the need to address what it is I really want out of life and what I want my life to look like in 5-10 years. It’s been on my mind ever since.

how to write a life vision

On one hand, it’s good to hold loosely to our expectations because life takes unexpected turns that can certainly throw us off course. On the other hand, there are some things, like the type of person we’d like to become, that can come to fruition regardless of what life throws our way.

I’ve realized with this move from California to Colorado that although there are plenty of material things I hope for in life, I care more about the woman I become.

I can be the woman I want to be no matter where I am located. But without a vision of who I want to be, I will certainly miss the mark.

vision statement

Writing A Health Vision

While many people create vision boards and ideas of what they want their life to look like on the outside, there is great value in creating a specific vision of the woman you want to become.

Without a vision, time may pass by and you’ll wake up wondering why your life looks the way it does.

Think of The Biggest Loser; most people didn’t envision themselves becoming severely overweight and unhappy, but they didn’t envision anything better so life got the best of them. This can happen all too easily.

So I’m working on my health vision and I encourage you to do the same. And no, I am NOT talking about cutting pictures of skinny girls in swimsuits out of magazines and posting them on your mirror to guilt yourself into making changes. In fact, I BEG you not to do that.

Instead, clarify your vision in words.

life vision statement

How To Write A Health Vision:

– Set the vision for 5 years into the future.

– Write in the present tense.

– Be specific: include how you feel, what you eat, what you do for exercise and any other details that are important to your idea of a healthy, confident, capable woman.

– Print it out and post in a place where you will see it regularly.

– Read it out loud on a regular basis.

– Quiet your rational side and use your imagination. Dream up exactly who you want to be and don’t be shy about it! This is for you and your eyes only.

healthy foods

An example:

I’m 37 years old. I live in Chicago, Illinois with my husband and 2 children. I work part time as a health care specialist and am able to balance my work and social life in a healthy way.

I do not take on more than I can handle because I value my free time.

I run 3-5 miles 4x per week and truly enjoy it. I do Pilates on the weekends and feel more confident in my body than I have in years.

I fit comfortably into my size 8 pants and have no desire to change that number.

I drink 64 ounces of water daily and drink green tea each morning. I eat mostly organic lean meats, fruits and vegetables and cook with fresh, whole ingredients. I am a healthy role model for both my family and female friends. I love my life and I love the woman I’ve become.

Visualization is a proven way to reach your goals.

Simply clarifying the image of who you want to be is a great practice to help you clarify what you want most of of life. Clarifying and vocalizing your vision will encourage you to start acting in a way that supports your vision.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes:)

Do you already have a life vision? I’d love to hear about it!



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5 thoughts on “How To Write A Health Vision”

  1. This is such a beautiful idea! I see so many women who don’t know what they want. This is a great way to truly believe in your dreams. I recently posted about creating a vision board, but I love this idea so much more. I am looking forward to sitting down and defining my vision later on today. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Just wrote mine for the year 2020 when I will be 64! What a wonderful way to continue what we are doing and set some goals. Much better than just making resolutions as it helps me recognize what we are doing now that is good. Here it is if it isn’t too cumbersome to read.

    My Health Vision for 2020

    I am a healthy 64 year old wife, mom and grandmother. I love my active lifestyle and maintain a daily yoga practice, use pilates to keep my abs trim and toned and love being the senior citizen in boot camp, barre classes and aerobic dance classes. Jim and I love active travel, ski and snow shoe each winter, hike all around the world and plan awesome vacations when we hike or bike or kayak with other active people, keeping us feeling much younger than our age would indicate.

    My step goal is 15,000 steps per day but when we are on the beach I set a goal of 20,000 steps and try not to “sit” for long stretches.

    We eat healthy fruits and vegetables including kale, spinach and lots of green vegetables. I start my day by squeezing a lemon into a glass of room temperature water. After our 4-5 mile walk I always start the day with oatmeal. I get plenty of protein from low fat sources of meat making sure my plate is 2/3 vegetables and 1/3 protein. Lunch is usually a large green salad with some protein. I limit my sugar intake to feel my best.

    I stay current with trends by reading blogs and enjoying friendships with people of all ages. We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to begin our active, healthy retirement at such an early age and plan to keep it up for another 20+ years.

    1. Sandy, this is inspirational!! I’m so glad you shared. It really is the perfect time of year to write a health vision. I’m inspired to do a new one for myself after reading yours. I hope to live a life like you in my 60’s! Happy 2014 🙂

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