How to Make Goal Setting Work for You

As we wrap up another year around the sun, many of us become reflective of the year that has passed while also looking forward to what lies ahead. 

Setting goals may be something that you are intuitively drawn to, or maybe it’s something that has you running the other way. Regardless of how you feel about goal setting, I encourage you to have a listen for actionable tips. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to achieve a thriving mindset, how to set goals for each part of your life, how to break goals down into actionable steps, and how to keep your goals realistic and achievable.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Achieving a thriving mindset [2:32]
  • My goal setting process [5:37]
  • How I plan my year [6:42]
  • Setting goals for total wellness [11:03]
  • Keeping your goals realistic [17:56]
  • Choosing a theme for the year [19:25]

Setting Goals Can Help You Achieve a Thriving Mindset

Humans are designed to grow. Without growth, we won’t be fulfilled. Having goals helps us to learn new things, enjoy new experiences, and have purpose. 

However, many people shy away from goals because they feel that setting goals can lead to perfectionism and disappointment. But this doesn’t have to be the case. If you sprinkle in a bit of grace with your goals you’ll achieve a thriving mindset.


Having Grace Leads to Forgiveness

Having grace allows you to accept things the way they are as you continue to grow. There are several goals that I set last year that I did not achieve. Rather than wallow in guilt for not achieving my goals, I give myself grace and understand that not achieving some goals is a part of the process. 

Life happens and things change, so if I didn’t achieve a goal it could have been due to things that I didn’t expect to happen. Having grace allows me to accept life the way it is. Not achieving a goal doesn’t say anything about me; it shows that sometimes life gets in the way.

I go into goal setting mode knowing I have grace in the process. As you look toward the new year, have the powerful combination of goals+grace.

How to Start Planning Your Goals

Start goal planning with intentionality and vision. Have a vision for what you want to achieve because without vision you won’t know where you are going. One of my favorite bible verses speaks of vision: without vision, the people perish.

Each month I plan a day of reflection so that I can understand where I am going and how far I have come in my process. This step is critical since reflection allows for more growth.

Each December, my husband and I block off an entire morning to brainstorm and set goals for the upcoming year. I grab my favorite journal and pen and we take ourselves somewhere away from our daily lives. Listen in to get some ideas to help you find a great place to plan your goals. 

Think back on the past year to reflect on what worked for you and what didn’t. Remember to give yourself grace for the things that didn’t work out the way you planned. This also gives you an opportunity to adjust your plans for the new year. 

Make sure to listen in to hear how to set goals and intentions for total wellness, how not to fall into the trap of perfectionism, and innovative ideas for choosing a theme for your year. When you know your theme of the year, share it with me on Instagram @wearelindywell.

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