Lara Casey: maintaining friendships, boundaries on social media and cultivating what matters

Today’s interview is filled to the brim with insightful and enlightening conversation. Lara Casey is a wife, mom of 3, and entrepreneur, with a countercultural take on life and business. She is the CEO of Cultivate What Matters, a business that helps individuals uncover what matters to them and make an action plan to attain their goals.

Lara uses the tactics she implements in her work into her daily life and has created strategies that help her juggle homeschooling, work, and motherhood. Join Robin Long in this interview to learn more about how Lara keeps her cup full and still manages to pour back into others through all life’s chaos. 

Show Highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • What brought Lara to her career now and how she applies her work to everyday life 
  • Using social media as a platform to minister and pour into others 
  • The importance of always thinking of the big picture 
  • Maintaining a sense of community and friendships in busy seasons 

Setting a priority + finding contentment in your season of life

  • Identifying priorities and being selective with focusing energy 
  • Putting programs in place to balance childcare, work, and homeschool 
  • Navigating saying no and letting go of things that don’t align with your priorities 
  • Finding contentment in the current season of life you’re in
  • Tips to help stay present and setting boundaries  

Self-care + quality time

  • Creating daily rituals for self-care 
  • Finding ways to have quality time in a countercultural way 
  • Lara’s approach to eating and how she meal preps 

The pressure to be more + do more

  • Dealing with feelings of judgment 
  • Overcoming feelings of guilt and using it as a motivator 

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