Simplifying nutrition + our mindset around food with Tamar Samuels of Culina Health

Welcome back to The Balanced Life podcast! To kick off this new season, we’re focusing on nourishment and our relationship with food. This can be a complex subject for many of us, which is why we’re looking at how to take a well-rounded and less complicated approach to food and nutrition. In this episode, we’re joined by Tamar Samuels of Culina Health, who shares ways to enrich our overall wellness with practical and realistic advice. 

Tamar is a dietician, nutritionist, and co-founder of Culina Health who takes a holistic approach to help individuals heal their relationship with food. She discusses what causes inflammation, how to improve your sleep, easy additions to your diet, and so much more. Join Robin in this insightful and enriching conversation with Tamar. 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • What is inflammation and how does it affect our bodies?
  • Foods that cause inflammation + foods that help reduce inflammation
  • The difference between Omega-3 and Omega-6
  • How what you eat can impact your sleep and ways to improve it
  •  Adding to your diet instead of restricting
  • The difference between a dieting mentality and making healthy changes
  • The importance of making nutrition accessible

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15 thoughts on “Simplifying nutrition + our mindset around food with Tamar Samuels of Culina Health”

  1. Lynette Nicholas

    Thank you Robin for this enriching and encouraging podcast discussing intentional nutrition and exercise with Tamar Samuels. I have forwarded to my daughter and sure it will also encourage her to be more aware of her mindset in relation to her nutrition and exercise.
    I am wanting to gift her 12 months membership to The Balanced Life and would appreciate your direction on the way forward with this.
    Kind Regards,
    Lyn Nicholas ☺️

  2. Thanks for sharing your insights. I went from being extremely overweight to being very fit and healthy (over a period of 3-4years and kept it off for about 10 years) But I’m now post menopausal and have been struggling with my nutrition over the past couple years and have gained back about 30 pounds. I am on a journey to work through my thoughts and feelings around food. It really is a love/hate relationship.

    1. Thanks for sharing a bit about your journey, Carla. You’re definitely not alone in this struggle, the post-menopausal season can be so challenging. It’s sounds like you do a great job of caring for yourself and are on a good path to working through your thoughts and feelings around food. We encourage you to be proud of how far you have come in your journey and to celebrate all your body has accomplished. We’re here for you and cheering you on! ?

  3. What an informative and practical podcast on a nutrition journey! I have been following something similar for approximately 20 years with minimal weight gain even through menopause. I still enjoy my treats. I eat what I want within reason and certainly know when I indulge in too much sugar and fats (and it does happen) that I need to reduce the consumption of my treats! I joined the Balanced Life 3 years ago. It is an amazing program!

    1. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Elizabeth! We love to hear that you’ve found what works for you and that you’re able to also enjoy treats as part of that. We’re so glad you’re a part of The Sisterhood and we’re cheering you on!?

  4. I really enjoyed this podcast with Tamar Samuels. So many issues were covered, and Tamar ‘s responses to Robin’s questions were clear and relatable. She is very down-to-earth. Five stars.

  5. Samantha Sheldon

    I was very interested in signing up for their services but when I went to their site the first few articles I read on their blog were about keto and intermittent fasting and I was turned off. I was really hoping they would be a non diet nutritionist hub but it seems diet culture is still in their vocabulary. I’m sure it works for some but for someone looking to quit diets completely it didn’t seem holistic and natural to me. Thanks for sharing though!

    1. We’re glad you know what you’re looking for in nutritional services, Samantha, and hope you find the right service for you! It does look like Culina Health provides a lot of information on their blog regarding many topics, helping people to make informed choices with their health and nutrition. We’re cheering you on in your continued health journey!

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