Creating intentional rhythms & routines for the new year

Trying to reach big and flashy goals can be intimidating, especially as we head into a new year that still has a lot of uncertainties. In this upcoming year, we have an opportunity to let go of that need for control and allow ourselves to find peace in the areas of life we can control. 

In today’s episode, Robin shares how to integrate new rhythms and routines into your daily life to make them a habit. She also discusses how you can set little goals in your day-to-day life without putting pressure on yourself. 

Join Robin in this episode to learn more about her new guide to create a life that works for you by integrating components of a healthy, balanced life. 

You can also print out the free guide in the show notes to help you walk through setting these intentions in 2021. 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • How to take what we’ve learned this past year and have a fresh start 
  • Setting intentional rhythms and routines for the new year 
  • How setting small goals will support you building new habits 
  • The importance of reflecting on habits that did and didn’t work
  • Ways to prioritize your health on a daily basis 
  • The importance of establishing your why 
  • Robin shares the rhythms and routines she’s integrating in her life 
  • Why visualization is important 
  • Why you should always choose grace over guilt
  • Robin provides an overview of the Intentional Rhythms + Routines Guide

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19 thoughts on “Creating intentional rhythms & routines for the new year”

  1. I downloaded the guide a few days ago and just finished the podcast. I’m going to work on this today and get intentional with my routines and I like the way you also spoke about rhythms! I used a planner last year for the first time and really liked it. So I am going to order one for 2021 and get a fresh start. Thank you.

    1. Jackie at The Balanced Life

      You got this Pam – we can’t wait to cheer you on as you work towards your goals this year!

  2. I listened to the podcast yesterday while walking and I found it to be so refreshing and relatable. Just downloaded the guide and looking forward to creating rhythms and routines for 2021! With Grace and Gratitude (those are the words I chose to stay on track this year).
    Thank you for the sisterhood and your encouragement.

    1. Jackie at The Balanced Life

      So glad to hear you enjoyed this podcast and will be using the Rhythms + Routines Guide! We’ll be cheering for you, Donna!

  3. Just listened to podcast, actually first time!

    I agree, what will 2021 look like! However it plays out we are still here together!
    Tho I have not been on my mat, knowing the Sisterhood is out here does help!

    Rythms + Routines = Ohhhh I need this more for my personal area than business.

    Thank you Robin, Staff and Sisters!


    1. Jackie at The Balanced Life

      We’re so glad that you enjoyed the podcast, Bonnie. ? We can’t wait to cheer you on in 2021!

  4. Is this subscription free? Are the podcasts free? If I subscribe will I be billed monthly from an account? If I do get billed how much is it and how do you cancel?

    1. Jackie at The Balanced Life

      Hi Lucille! Thank you for your message. You do not have to subscribe to listen to the podcast. ? We offer a monthly membership called The Balanced Life Sisterhood, which starts at $24 USD/month and includes easy-to-follow monthly Workout Calendars, a Workout Library with 150+ workouts, healthy recipes, a supportive online community, and more. Members can choose from monthly, semi-annual ($126 every 6 months), and annual ($199/year) – all plans are risk-free, and you can cancel or change plans at any time. Hopefully this helps. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to let us know here, or send us an email at [email protected]. In the meantime, we’d love to invite you to learn more about The Sisterhood here!:

  5. Thank you for the peaceful, organized, and thorough discussion and guide! So great at this time of year and THIS year and to make every day better!

    1. Jackie at The Balanced Life

      So glad you are finding this new guide helpful, Saroya – we can’t wait to support you this year!

  6. Just listened to this podcast and loved it! I found your message so grace-filled and encouraging right now. I love the quarterly couples off-site idea as well as the commitment to just 15 min a day of movement. The intentionality of it all truly resonates. Thank you for sharing this! Is the download still available? I’ve signed up for the 5 day challenge and can’t wait!

    1. Jackie at The Balanced Life

      Hi Katie! We’re so happy you enjoyed this episode! You can absolutely still download the guide (it’s linked above the quote image). And we’re thrilled you’ll be joining us for the Feel Good Pilates Challenge!

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