Allie Casazza: Listening to Your Body, Healing with Food and Defining “Enough”

We all feel the pressure to be “more” in different areas of life. No matter your role, you can feel pulled in so many different directions that it’s normal to feel like you’re not “enough” in certain areas. 

Today’s guest, Allie Casazza, is a mom, entrepreneur, and podcast host with a plethora of practical tips to help you juggle the chaos. She shares her own tactics to prioritize health, lean into different seasons, and overcome the pressure of not being enough. Join me in this interview for how you can evaluate your own life and strategically plan for success. 

Show Highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • A flashback of what Allie’s life looked like 10 years ago compared to the season she’s in now 
  • Pursuing a life of abundance and simplicity through the chaos 
  • Establishing your intent and creating a vision 
  • Making “enough lists” and giving yourself grace in different areas of life 

Clearing clutter and simplifying

  • The framework of Allie’s process to declutter  
  • Creating space in your life and simplifying the chaos 
  • Setting boundaries around technology and regulating your availability 

Allie’s journey to self-care

  • Focusing on your health and learning how to eat for your body  
  • Being selective about the commitments you make 
  • What exercise looks like in Allie’s life and regulating adrenal fatigue 
  • Dividing parenthood, business, and romance with your partner 
  • Allie’s self-care practices 

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3 thoughts on “Allie Casazza: Listening to Your Body, Healing with Food and Defining “Enough””

  1. VitaliZEN Health

    Love this! We often neglect taking care of ourselves so this is a very helpful topic. To help, I\d like to share Karina Brossmann’s tips on self-love

    1. Imagine the part of yourself you feel is the most unlovable. Whether its fear, doubt, neediness, anger, jealousy, rage see it and feel it sitting on a dock or on a bench in a safe place in nature. Go up to this part of yourself and sit down next to it for awhile. Listen and let this part of yourself do whatever it needs to do. Listen with an open heart and be available to hold this part of yourself.

    2. Put post it notes with words like “You’re awesome” “I love you” “You are badass” “I am proud of you” “You make my day” “I love you just the way you are” “You are light” all over your house; on the fridge, in your bathroom, above your desk, in your car etc.

    3. Start a gratitude journal and write it in every night or morning a list of 5 to 10 things you are grateful for in your life. Capture the preciousness of your life on paper and you may start to see and feel more abundance than lack.

    4. Give freely. Offer your time and volunteer. Find a project that you believe in and donate some of your time. Notice if you are doing this to “look” good. Notice and do it anyway, you may be surprised at how much you get out of it, regardless if others think you are noble or not.

    What lives inside of you is far richer, wiser, fuller and greater than anything you can find outside of you. In a 100 years time our young people will be hearing stories about the olden days when human beings didn’t know how to love themselves. These young people will listen in shock and horror as they hear about how we treated ourselves and each other. Their hearts will break as they learn about the self doubt, fear and anguish that plagued our people. They will hold our memories in their hearts, and they will be filled with gratitude for the journey we all took to love ourselves, so they could now be living with the truth of love.

    Hope this helps!

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