Kat Harris: managing anxiety, being vulnerable, and pursuing friendships

What’s meant to be will always find you, with a lot of hard work, effort, and showing up. When it comes to finding your career, friends, or romance, sometimes you have to take initiative and put yourself out there. 

Kat Harris, full time photographer and founder of the Refined Woman, is the poster-child for this philosophy. In this conversation with Robin Long, she shares how showing up in uncertainty has not only helped her find her purpose and career, but built a community of friends and changed her dating life. If you want more insight on how you can show up in your own life to create a life that reflects your goals and passions, tune into this juicy interview. 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • What Kat Harris does and what her current season of life looks like 
  • How Kat tapped into her creativity and became a photographer 
  • Jumping full force into trying new things to find your purpose 
  • A day in the life of Kat Harris 

Avoiding stress + combatting anxiety

  • Reaching a point of burnout and what it looks like to restructure your life to support your goals without the unnecessary stress
  • Identifying fear and using truth statements to combat it     
  • What activates anxiety and strategies to overcome it 
  • Setting healthy boundaries

Being intentional in relationships

  • The importance of having a supportive community
  • Being vulnerable to build friendships and community
  • Changing limiting beliefs and negative narratives about dating 
  • Taking the steps to get what you want out of a romantic relationship 

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