TBL Team: this is how we work from home

Are you also working from home now? If so, how have you been coping with the change? There are so many people working unexpectedly from home at the moment, so we decided to create a fun, bonus episode for you, to talk about what it’s like to work from home in the longer-term. Because staying at home can be awesome, but it’s not without its challenges. Listen in today, to hear what Becky, Elizabeth, Jaclyn, Martha, Jordin, and Susan have to share.

At The Balanced Life, we work as a remote team, and we have some of the members of the team here today, at the recording of this episode. We have all been working remotely for a while, and we’re all used to connecting with our co-workers digitally. So we thought it would be a fun idea to bring us all together today, to talk about what we have learned from working at home for the last few years. Stay tuned to hear about our lessons learned from working at home.

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • Feeling healthy, balanced, and productive is very important when working from home.
  • Priorities are vital.
  • Setting up a routine, structures, and communications from home.
  • Planning for productivity.
  • Defining your workspace.
  • Creating healthy work boundaries.
  • Keeping a routine of healthy eating.
  • Some practical tools to help teams working from home.

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4 thoughts on “TBL Team: this is how we work from home”

  1. Listening to your pod casts this morning. It is up lifting and fun. I love that you are all so real. One thought I have as I listen is that you are young. Which is fantastic. I am just thinking out loud here with you. I’m a 56 year old grandmother of five! I work full time (mental health therapist), I watch three of my five grandchildren almost every Friday! (blessed), and am adjusting to doing telehealth or therapy through Doxy. This is a big adjustment for me as I am not tech savvy. I am wondering about others that might be a bit older and a different stage of life. All your information is wonderful, inspiring and works across generation except the stage of life one is in. I enjoy the fact that we can connect through the FB post, and see 55 and older on your sight as well I just wondering if you have an older populations that could use more age related topics, hot flashes, empty nest, working out with changing bodies, menopause, etc. and perhaps you do and I just haven’t looked through all your resources yet. Thank you and your hard working team for leading with a positive spirit!

    1. Jackie at The Balanced Life

      Hi Ruth – thank you so much for your message! We are always looking for ways to better serve our community, and these are great suggestions. We’ve added this to our list of upcoming ideas to consider. ❤️❤️

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