A guided meditation for motivation + self-care

Sometimes we need a reminder of how truly strong, capable, and beautiful we really are. In today’s episode, Robin walks through a guided meditation to help bring you to a place of relaxation, calmness, and to motivate you to feel inspired to prioritize your self-care. This episode is perfect to start off your day with positivity, or to wind down before bed. Join Robin in this peaceful and empowering meditation. 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • Finding a comfortable place to start meditation 
  • Breathing and awareness exercises 
  • Noticing your mental state 
  • Imagining the healthiest and most fulfilled version of yourself 
  • Affirmations to enhance your motivation for self-care 
  • Taking affirmations to approach your day with positivity and self-love 

Links in this episode:

If you would like a visual reminder of these affirmations or even get one as a background for your phone, click here!

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18 thoughts on “A guided meditation for motivation + self-care”

  1. Lori Daugherty

    I was having a rough day void of positivity. This meditation cleared my head and calmed my thoughts. At the end I felt renewed and able to focus on achieving my daily tasks. Will definitely repeat this mediation when I have another difficult day! Thank you Robin and The Sisterhood!

  2. Loved this do much!!!!
    Did it on my back porch with birds singing and the sound of our water fountain. So relaxed!
    Thank you!

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