10-Minute Reformer on the Mat Workout

If you are craving a great reformer workout, but lacking a reformer at home, then you’re going to love this 10-minute workout you can do from home!

This 10-minute Reformer on the Mat workout was inspired by many exercise done on the reformer, but they can be done right on your mat.

In 10 minutes, you’ll get an effective workout that will wake up and strengthen your entire body. You might even discover a new favorite reformer-inspired Pilates exercise!

This workout is now LIVE on The Balanced Life’s Youtube channel and within The Sisterhood workout library!

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be giving this workout a try!

See you on your mat soon!


PS – Are you new to Pilates? Check out this podcast episode on The Power of Pilates to learn more about this amazing exercise!

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20 thoughts on “10-Minute Reformer on the Mat Workout”

  1. Thanks for this email I love getting the emails it makes me hop up off my seat and just get down and do them I’m having some knee trouble so I’m having to modify a lot of stuff-Said a prayer a victory for you and all the gals in the Dallas life today depression end Low feelings will NOT be our story!

  2. The 10 minute reformer class was GREAT and once again you demonstrate what an incredible instructor you are, explaining where every body part should be while continually weaving the mind body experience throughout each movement. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us and your love for the Pilates method.

    1. Jackie at The Balanced Life

      Great job getting this workout done, Nina! (Getting to share the beach sights and sounds virtually is the next best thing! ?❤️)

  3. We all need these awesome workouts during these times. Getting on the mat with Robin helps me feel good and know that I’m doing the best for my mind and body!

  4. I’m a divorced 47 yr old woman trying to get “me” back. I’m only on day 2 and I’m actually enjoying this. I feel like a bull in a China shop but I’m going to stick with it and hopefully my body and mind will connect and be one.

    1. Jackie at The Balanced Life

      Hi Susan! We’re so glad to hear that you’re enjoying the workouts – way to go! ? Absolutely keep at it, and know that as you continue with Pilates, you will only continue to make progress and build strength. We are cheering for you!

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