Incorporate Healthy Habits into Your Life with Habit Stacking

If you are at a place in your life where you would like to incorporate healthier habits into your daily routine or let go of some habits that are holding you back from becoming the healthiest version of yourself then you won’t want to miss this episode.

You’ll learn how to make a plan to implement new habits, how to use habit stacking to build on existing habits, and how habits can help you create a new identity. 

If you are ready to change your life by building new habits press play now.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Making a plan to implement your habits [2:42]
  • What habit stacking is and how it can help you form new habits [5:10]
  • Why habits are a vote towards a certain identity [12:50]
  • Put these ideas into practice [15:05]

You can be the person you want to be by changing your habits

People define themselves by their habits, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change. By choosing new habits you can become the type of person you want to be. 

If you think that you aren’t the type of person who exercises or eats healthily, you can change. It simply takes building healthier habits.

Your habits are a vote towards a certain identity and you have the opportunity to choose your identity. You can choose your habits to develop your deepest beliefs about yourself. Once you realize this you’ll have a powerful way to change your identity and become who you truly want to be.

Learn how to change your habits and shift your identity to become the type of person you want to be.

Create a habit-building strategy

Even if you don’t intentionally develop habits you still have them. 

What is the first thing you do in the morning? What do you do after you eat breakfast? How do you get ready for work? Chances are you do the same things each day because these habits are ingrained. 

If you are trying to improve your health, develop a morning routine, or an evening routine by changing old habits or starting new ones, it is important to develop a strategy so that you can be successful. 

Before trying to create your new habit it helps to understand the science behind human behaviors. 

First, you’ll want to consider why you are interested in creating this new habit. Next, you’ll need to come up with a strategy to ensure the habit sticks. Your plan needs to be specific to be successful. When, where, and how will you develop your new habit?

The ABCs of habit stacking

If you are trying to build new habits, habit stacking is a great way to get started. Habit stacking uses existing habits to connect new behaviors.

In his book, Tiny Habits, BJ Fogg recommends finding current habits in your day, which he calls anchor moments, to pair with a new habit. An anchor moment can be something simple like brushing your teeth, turning on the coffee maker, or washing the dishes.

Once you have found an anchor moment to connect your new habit, then you can insert your new behavior. After you have completed the new habit it’s time to celebrate. Learn why the celebration step is crucial by listening to this episode.

Are you trying to build a new habit? Send me a message on Instagram to show off your new habit in action! Nothing is better than having an accountability buddy, so share this episode with a friend so that you can both get started building healthy habits.

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