What does it mean to love your body?

No matter what your body looks like, what you’re going through, or what you’ve been conditioned to feel, we can learn to love our bodies in every stage of life. 

Learning to love yourself doesn’t have to mean that you like how you look ALL the time or you’re the most confident person in the room, but it DOES mean constantly making choices that benefit your health and wellness. The first step is learning to put yourself first. Join Robin in this insightful episode to learn how she’s learned to love her body and how you can too. 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • Telling people to “just love their bodies” can often make the process even harder
  • Loving your body is less about your physical appearance and more about showing love to your body 
  • It’s important to reflect on our self-dialogue because we often have negative self-talk towards ourselves that we would never reflect on someone else 
  • What is your gut reaction when you think about your body? 
  • We should assess our habits and behaviors that reflect whether we love and care for our bodies or are sabotaging ourselves 
  • When you get into a flow of making decisions that are best for you, you get into a rhythm instead of constantly feeling like you’re working against yourself 

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16 thoughts on “What does it mean to love your body?”

  1. Thank you, loving myself is a process, I am learning to care for myself by walking outdoors on daily basis. Going for spa day!

    I need to be more consistent with daily Pilates, at this moment in time , I seem to do more stretches, my body is starting to stiffen , I suffered with sciatic nerve problem and I saw a physiotherapist, the exercises are helping however, since that happened, it seems I am not as strong, especially getting up and climbing hills.

    I need to tone my whole body, am in my post menopause stage. Need help!! ?

    1. What great ways to care for yourself, Louise! We’re sorry to hear you have a sciatic nerve issue, but so glad that you listened to your body and sought treatment. Once you have clearance from your physiotherapist to return to Pilates, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we we would be happy to offer a few suggestions. We’re cheering you on!

  2. My Goodness, this was a great “listen” I passed it on to my both of my daughters. I have not been a good example of valuing my body or body image love. Now that I am 55, I realize what a gift our bodies are in itself. My goal is to do better tomorrow than today. What better will be; will depend on what my mind, and body needs.
    I want my girls, and grand-children to see their “La-La” loving and enjoying and loving how her body looks and moves. I wish I would have learned this value in my teens.

    1. We’re so glad this podcast resonated with you, Lisa, and that you shared it with your daughters. We LOVE to hear how you want your family to see you loving your body and to be a great example to them! That’s an incredible ripple effect you’re creating! ?

  3. Thank you, Robin! This is a great episode and it certainly made me think about my body with more love and tenderness. I needed that these days while indoors in freezing cold NYC. I’m going out for a bike ride now and going to really enjoy it on our first 50-degree day since the fall. I appreciate your efforts.

  4. I really appreciated this podcast, my niece is in high school and is suddenly struggling with disordered eating. I am going to share this podcast with hopes that she can begin to love her body and begin to care for it. I hate that she is struggling with this.

    1. We’re so sorry to hear of the challenges your niece is facing and hope too that she will begin to love her body. We’re thinking of you both!❤️

  5. Thank you Robin, really enjoyed this podcast. Your absolutely right we need to love our bodies in order to be content within. Really useful and will share this with my daughter who just turned 18 and is always trying to look too skinny due to the pressure of social media which I believe she doesn’t need to as she has a perfect body. I am so glad I joined The Balance life back in September 2021 and never looked backed. 15 mins of workouts everyday has kept my body to build strength which I have noticed great changes since joining. Your right if we love ourselves and our bodies now, our bodies will look after us later in life,”. I feel more energised and able to get on with my daily life more since commencing The Balanced Life and I am 50 years old with a lot more energy than before. So thank you for this and continue with the sessions on a daily basis.

    1. We are so encouraged by how you embraced the February off-the-mat mission, Devinder, and how supportive you are of your daughter. How fantastic that Pilates has made such a difference in the way you feel in your body ? – you are worth it and we are cheering you on!

  6. Hi Robin,
    You have opened a can of worms. It is a very tricky topic. I agree with all of it that has been sad and definitely fall into the category of being self critical even though I love looking after myself. I love working out and always have.
    I have been a member for over a year and love the work out and following them week by week. I feel very strong yet there is a gap between what I would like to look like and how I feel being fit. Still trying to work that out I think.

    Thanks for putting it out there.

    1. We know how difficult this topic can be, Katerina, and we appreciate you sharing a bit of your journey with us. It sounds like you do an amazing job of staying consistent with exercise, and we hope you’ll celebrate the progress you are making too! You’re worth it! ?

  7. Dear Robin
    I needed to hear this today! I have just cancelled my membership as I am struggling with whether I am worth the money it costs me to belong to the Sisterhood. I have been a member since 2020 but have had some health issues which have seen me be more sporadic with my time on my mat this year.
    I am going to see if I can re arrange my finances to continue with my membership.
    I wish their was a way to pay monthly but understand that it probably cost more to be able to do that.
    Off to my mat now!
    Linda x

    1. Hi Linda – We’re so glad that the message resonated with you. We’re sorry to hear of the health challenges you’ve been facing, we hope that you’re receiving the medical care you need and we’re sending you thoughts of healing. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for your membership options. We would love to help you continue this great thing you’ve started for yourself, you ARE worth it!?

  8. This was such a great reminder! I think that loving your body is so important but easier said than done. I loved that you pointed out that loving your body doesn’t mean constantly loving the way you look. I think that is a misconception and you just need to make the best and healthiest choices for your body. Thank you for sharing, and shedding light on this issue that most women deal with. I have struggled with body perception and body dysmorphia and it is nice to know I am not alone and that there are steps to take to help get to a healthier place.

    1. Jen McManaman

      We’re so glad this resonated with you. You are absolutely not alone in struggling with loving your body, it’s a challenge so many of us face. We’re cheering you on in in your journey to a healthier place, you’re worth it! 👏💕

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