A Day In The Life: link up

Last week I posted this “day in the life” post and it sparked great discussions among readers and fellow work-at-home/stay-at-home/working moms.

I reached out to a few women that I know who are in a similar season of life in hopes that they would share a glimpse into their lives as well.

It’s been so fun connecting and seeing how other women make life work while juggling so many responsibilities.

I love how this link-up has created a sense of community since as a mom it’s common to feel somewhat isolated from the outside world.

I love how all of our days look so different, and yet, so similar at the same time.

Click on the links to see what a day in the life looks like for each of these women:

Becca from While You Were Napping

becca from while you were napping


Lesley from Barefoot on 45th


Michelle from Simply Complicated

Judy from Shriner Fitness

Meg from Yoga Baby Mama

Lindsay from Munoz Mama

Want to join in? Please do! Write your post and then post a link in the comments.

I love when blogging builds community 🙂

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